Air Bike Vs Running (Calories Comparison, Strength & Muscle)

Air biking and running are two most incredible and mind-blowing cardiovascular exercises.  We all are familiar with the aspect that cardio is the greatest way to improve performance and burn many extra calories. There are numerous options that you can opt for. Still, here we are particularly making a comparison between two cardio exercises,  one is the air bike, and the other is running.  

The main difference between an air bike vs running is for supporting impact on your body. Running is more effective to facilitate human health as compared to air bike. Because an air bike requires the person to be seated in most of the exercising activity. Air Bike is also less impactful for.

  • Building Endurance of Muscles
  • Fat & Calorie Burning

In the next sections of this article, we will be entirely discussing these aspects so that you can also make a comparison at your end and decide which suits you perfectly. So without any further delays let’s just jump right into it.


Calories Comparison: Air Bike and Running

Here comes the most crucial aspect that every person considers while he or she is performing an exercise.  Well, there is no specific amount or number of calories that you can burn with these two cardiovascular exercises.  But we can give you a  minimal range comparison. Because there are different aspects that must be considered and figured out accordingly.

 For instance the use of muscles,  particularly the number of muscles involved in the exercise and calculation of total intensity.  Hence these things are somehow difficult to be measured, but we will surely give you some solid figures.

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 For example, a 30-minute session on your air bike will help you burn around 300 calories.  But if we consider running,  approximately 400 calories will be burned if a runner runs for half an hour. But in both these cases, there are some aspects that must be prioritized when checked. In both these cases,  the speed,  muscle involvement, and overall intensity need to be determined. 

 In a general scenario when a runner runs or paddles the air bike at an optimal speed, in an optimal environment for an equal time limit. Running on a track is a bit more effective and helpful in burning calories. So here we can see that running has a lead in calorie comparison.

Environment and Equipment Accessibility

The second important aspect of our list is the environment and equipment access to the person. First of all, let us talk about the environment that you can enjoy and feel in both these cardiovascular exercises. Definitely, you will be getting a better environment while running.  Usually, the runner prefers to run in the morning. This is the time when he is getting fresh air. 

 On the other hand,  if you are going to have a session on air bikes, then you need to go to the gym, or you can also have it at your home. But here, you have only an indoor exercise option.  According to many researchers, people who exercise in an outdoor environment are fresher, more active, and more successful in releasing their stress.  Psychologically outdoor exercises have a  better impact than indoor ones.

The next aspect is accessibility to the equipment.  For air bikes, you need to get a membership to a gym, or you can even purchase your own air bike. This might be a little difficult and not a budget-friendly option. However, you need a good pair of running shoes,  your tracksuit,  a watch water bottle, and some other essentials if you prefer running as your cardio.

 Hence now it depends on you to decide which is more suitable for you and provides you with a healthy and refreshing feeling.

Impact & Influence

The third aspect on the list is the difference in the impact of this two cardio.  If you are not familiar with the word impact then we will elaborate briefly for you. It generally refers to the amount of stress that you put on your bones and joints during a particular exercise. 

It is a very significant point that we cannot miss even with a mistake. The impact is important as it defines the total amount of pressure or stress that your body can retain and handle with the exercise or cardio you are performing. Surely if you are performing a high-impact exercise, then the chances of injury are more. 

The level of impact varies from person to person, and the overall body condition changes with age.  On the whole, air bikes have a lower impact in comparison to running. Because when you are doing cardio on an air bike you are mostly seated, and your body weight is somehow supported by the bike.  Hence there is lesser pressure and stress on the joints.

 On the other hand,  running exerts more impact on the bones and joints of the person. And there are considerable chances of injury. Hence a runner is more vulnerable to injury. 

So we can compare both in such a way that air bikes are best for those who have joint problems; however, young and active individuals with no joint problems can run a few miles without getting any problems with their joints,  only needing good quality equipment with them.

Building strength and muscles

Here comes the last comparison of building strength and muscles with these two cardiovascular exercises. Definitely, in running, you can build your muscles effectively because there is more muscle movement. Directionally the total number of muscles involved in running is more than on an air bike.

 So if more muscles are involved, then the chances of building them are definitely high.  Running will incredibly enhance your average speed and your aerobic capacity.

The Final Statement

Finalizing our comparison, air bike vs running, we can truly say that both these cardio are tremendously amazing. All you need to do is decide the best for yourself. If you are looking towards the goal of burning some extra calories, then running is good for you.  But if you are not into muscle building and improving endurance, then you can definitely choose the air bike option for your cardio. 

 Hence it entirely depends upon the individual performing the exercise. So make a comparison of your personality,  goals and accessibility to the equipment and choose the most suitable and appropriate cardio.

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