Assault Bike Vs Elliptical | Expert’s Comparison in 2023

If you are in the mood of doing a good exercise and you want to be proud of your body then you need to get a good cardio machine. This is the main reason that you will find them in every gym. In this scenario you can avail, the assault bikes and the elliptical. As compared to other machines these exercise bikes do not put a lot of stress on your joints and you can have an amazing aerobic exercise

The main difference between assault bikes and elliptical bikes is that the assault bike is most commonly light in weight as compared to an elliptical bike. A normal assault bike is 300lbs and an elliptical bike’s weight may vary from 250-400lbs. Another main difference between the assault bike and the elliptical bike is that the latter one moves with the paddling action. On the other hand, an elliptical bike is for a total body workout.

Assault bike Vs. Elliptical

  •  Assault bike vs. elliptical, is the most frequent question that will hit you if you are a true fitness enthusiast. An assault bike has an amazing full metal construction with heavy-duty handlebars and it can deliver an uncompromising workout. This machine is very versatile and is the best for burning fat, burning calories, muscle toning, and also helps in increasing audio endurance.
  •  That is why these machines are gaining more popularity day by day.  Another thing that makes an assault bike stand out amongst others is the way that there is indeed resistance. The air that rushes over the plates of the fan is mainly responsible for creating resistance,  so this means that the faster you pedal or push the handlebars,  the more resistance you will feel
assault bike vs elliptical
  • You might have seen people, especially teenagers following their fitness goals by working out on the stylish and hi-tech elliptical bike. If you want unmatched cardiovascular endurance sessions then this one is the best option for you.  elliptical bikes have a low impact design and the upper body muscle toning makes them a more favorable option as compared to treadmills.
  • No doubt that an elliptical bike does not have the simplicity of an air bike but once you have practiced on it,  then you can easily have an excellent full-body workout. It has moving handlebars and it also has various levels of resistance. Like the standard spin bikes nowadays magnetic resistance is used by the modern elliptical bikes

Muscles Worked

  • By using both machines you will get a full-body workout. In the case of an air bike, one can do the upper body workout by resting his feet on the food packs provided, and during this time you just have to use the handlebars. In addition to this one can also let go of the handlebars. 
  • By resting his arms one can exclusively focus on leg workout just by cycling. On the other hand, the elliptical bikes don’t have this kind of versatility, the reason behind this is that the person who is exercising in a standing position and that’s why the pedals and handles cannot be used independently from one another.
  • Many elliptical bikes allow us to adjust the incline and decline and this is done specifically for targeting the quadriceps for hamstrings,  moreover we can reverse the stride if we are in the mood to work out more strongly on calves and glutes.

The Muscles On Which Assault Bikes & Elliptical Bikes Will Work Are

Assault BikesElliptical Bikes
Posterior and anterior deltoidsPosterior and anterior deltoids
Pectoral musclesChest
Biceps and tricepsAbdominals
Calf musclesBiceps and triceps
Core musclesCalf muscles
Gluteal musclesGluteal muscles
assault bike vs elliptical

Space Required

  • To know that both assault bikes and elliptical bikes have a large footprint so before you are buying any one of these machines don’t forget to check out the dimensions of the model of your choice and also keep in mind that is there enough space available in your home for placing these machines or not.
  • In addition to this, the major complaint about both the machines is that neither of them can be folded. So this means that they will take a lot of space even if they are not in use and they have large sizes so you cannot move them around.
  • Normally elliptical bikes have a comparatively larger footprint than assault bikes and this is because of the size of their pedals and some other features.  If you have issues related to the availability of space then consider choosing an assault bike for yourself or you can also choose a more compact elliptical bike


  • In the case of an assault bike, you will see that it uses air rushing over the fan for producing resistance. The speed and power that you would apply to the pedals and handlebars will be having a direct impact on the level of resistance that you would feel.
  • So this means that when the power transfer is smooth and instant then you will achieve the maximum level of resistance. If the user pushes very hard then this machine will deliver a hard and intense workout.
  • On the other hand, elliptical bikes normally use a magnetic resistance system. You will observe that magnets are positioned next to the flywheel and help in the easy spinning effect of the machine.
  • In this machine, you need to know that there is an unlimited level of resistance but the user can find a more precise level of resistance and it can also be maintained for the duration of your exercise.
  •  Elliptical bikes can deliver high quality and highly efficient workouts and the reason behind this is less noise production,  smooth transitions,  magnetic resistance, and increased control


  • Another main difference between an assault bike and an elliptical bike is that the latter is more gentle and you can easily exercise by using the handles and platforms without increasing your heartbeat to unbearable levels.
  • So this means that if you want a gentle cardio exercise then an elliptical bike is the perfect choice for you. In addition to this, the elliptical bike is very suitable for joint health because the gliding motion ensures that there is no thumping effect on the legs and other sensitive areas of the lower body such as hip joints and knee joints.
  •  By keeping this thing in mind it is also somewhat hard to get extreme heart rate fluctuation except if the machine offers some sort of manual control over the level of resistance.
assault bike vs elliptical
  • On the other hand in the case of an assault bike, the exercise or workout is more demanding and it is easier to apply full effort. In this case, you will find it all natural because air is the only thing that was back against your efforts and this means that the more force you apply through the handles and pedals the more you get back as a result.
  •  In the case of an air bike, you will note that the giant fan placed at the front of the bike is very noisy and this thing should be kept in consideration if you are sharing a flat or room.
  • In the case of an assault bike, the workouts are intense but there are chances that your joints can be affected. There are chances that after 15 minutes of workout on this machine you may find it somewhat unpleasant to continue

Burning Calories

  • We know that many people choose to exercise on machines for losing weight or in other words they choose such machines for burning more calories.
  • If this is the case then an assault bike is a more preferable option because it requires a high amount of energy for performing high-intensity exercises or other forms of training.
  • If your focus is only achieving a high number of calories burnt then  you should stick to using an  assault bike for exercise

Building Abs And Burning Belly Fat

  • You might have seen celebrities rocking their super-fit body in superhit movies! Have you always dreamt of getting rock-hard abs like them? You need to exercise very rigorously and focus on maintaining yourself
  • It is not possible for anybody to burn the belly fat by focusing on a specific kind of exercise and for reducing your extra belly fat it is important for you shed overall body fat and eat healthily. For cutting or reducing fat quickly you will need to workout out on a machine such as an assault bike

Toning Stomach, Buttocks, And Legs

  • Many of us are not happy with the layer of fat that we gain on our legs, bellies, and bums, especially during the winter season. If your goal is to lose this layer of fat then you should exercise on a machine that would activate your lower body the most.
  • Well, in this case, an air bike is the most preferable option. The machine has a high resistance ability and you can burn the extra fat and calories. Moreover, you can also tone and build hamstrings, calves, and glutes and you will get a much more toned look

For Achieving Bone Density

  • When we hit the age of 30 the bone density automatically starts to reduce gradually. So that’s why it is very important to engage your body in different tasks that help to improve our bone density.
  • It is recommended to do high-intensity and high-impact workouts. This one is just the perfect workout and for doing it an assault bike is a great option. So to make your bones and body stronger you should consider an assault bike

For Performing Strength And Endurance Exercises

  • As you know that both these machines are cardio machines by nature so this means that you cannot use them alone to build strength.  If you want to pair a machine with your strength training Regiment then you also need to consider other aspects of the training.
  • If you are in the mood to put on some muscle mass then, in this case, you need to use the elliptical bike,  because it will allow you to do better cardio without burning extra calories and on the other hand if you are doing cutting exercises then you should get an assault bike for doing high-intensity exercise training. If you start to use an assault bike then you will be able to speed up the rate of fat loss.
assault bike vs elliptical


  • If you are purchasing cardio equipment for yourself then cost is a very important factor. Both the machines, assault and elliptical bikes are expensive. You are paying the price to get the best quality so don’t rush and research properly to get the best machine.
  • You need to know that assault bikes have somewhat less complicated parts and movements, and that’s why they are cheaper than elliptical bikes. In case if you get a chance to get a second hand then you will get it at a much low price
  • On the other hand, if you choose a second-hand elliptical bike then you would get it at a price similar to a new assault bike. So if the price is the factor then you should choose an assault bike


Deciding the best cardio machine among these two options depends on your situation, your fitness goals, and the amount of money you have. Assault bikes are hardcore machines, they are very effective. You can also clean and maintain them very easily. On the other hand, elliptical bikes are better for those who are beginners and out of shape.

Frequently asked questions

Which bike would help us to burn more calories?

An air bike helps to burn more calories because it involves high-intensity exercises and more effort to burn fat or lose weight

Which one of these is better for joint health?

An elliptical bike is a better option if you are conscious about your joint health because it does not put a lot of stress on your joints while exercising

Which machine is best for a home gym?

Assault bikes have a simple design and they don’t need high-grade maintenance. In addition to this, these are more durable and do not have a lot of complicated parts. So that is why an assault bike is a better option

Which exercise machine is the best if you are living in a shared flat?

Elliptical bikes are the best option in this case because they make no noise. In the case of an assault bike, you need to know that they make a lot of noise because of the fan installed at the bike’s front. So it will surely irritate the people around you

Which bike is better for older citizens?

In older age, our bone density decreases. For maintaining bone health and improve bone density we need to do high-intensity exercise. For doing this exercising on an assault bike is the best option

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