6 Best Air Bike Under 500 in Aug 2022 | Expert’s Review

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The large number of folk cannot do regular work out because they don’t have a lot of time to go to the gym. For this situation, the air exercise bike can be a brilliant alternative for them. However, you don’t have to pay large number of dollars on first in class bikes, in spite of the fact that they possess many attractive features for those willing and ready to manage the cost of it.

Again you may attempt to search for workout bikes under your financial plan. It tends to be difficult to track down a tough exercise bicycle without breaking the bank. Thus, I have recorded the best air bike under 500 that will fulfill your necessities. These best indoor cycling bikes under 500 are the most important equipment in cross fit games. In the event that you do your cardio session in one of these, you will be shredding calories and conditioning faster.

NETGEAR Nighthawk X10
Body Rider BRF700
  • Ergonomic: Multi-function.
  • Adjustability: Simple handle knob is present to adjust resistance levels and intensity.
  • Easy to Track: With clear LCD presentation.
  • Comfortable: Flexible seat and extra padded features for ultimate comfort.
NETGEAR Nighthawk X10
Schwinn AD2
  • Infinite resistance: This schwinn airdyne gives boundless degrees of opposition.
  • Good computer tech: Rapidly and effortlessly read all you require to tack your exercise on the screen. Speed, rpm, distance, time and calories.
  • Rest your legs: It comes with footrests so whenever you’re worn out and need to focus on your arms you can keep your feet on them.
Asus RT-AC88U Dual-Band
Marcy Fan Exercise Bike
  • Easy to move: It has moving wheels for simple portability.
  • Easy to keep track of activity: Its LED show supports simple to utilize PC filter capacities.
  • Adjustable seat: The modifiable saddle can support clients of different body sizes and height.
  • Adjustable levelers: The versatile levelers.

As presently, we are spending more time inside our homes. It has become more significant than any other time to put resources into a best indoor exercise bike on the market. We’ve tested many upright, recumbent and spin bike under 500, all coming in this pocket friendly price range. We conversed with specialists and explored every one of the most well-known bicycles available to sort it out, as a result, we gathered together our favorite picks beneath.

A Quick Look at Best Air Bikes Under 500

Body Rider BRF700
Body Rider BRF700
  • QUIET & Low-Impact Cardio
  • Adjustable & Easy To Use
  • Made For Your HOME FITNESS Goals
Sunny Health & Fitness Air Bike
Sunny Health & Fitness Air Bike
  • Innovative plan
  • Smooth activity
  • Micro-tension framework
Marcy Fan Exercise Bike
Marcy Fan Exercise Bike
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to keep track of activity
  • Adjustable seat
Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike
Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike
  • Infinite Resistance
  • Good Computer Tech
  • Rest your Legs
Stamina Airgometer Exercise Bike
Stamina Airgometer Exercise Bike
  • Smooth and reliable Ride
  • Proven Path
  • Durable Comfort
XTERRA Fitness AIR350 Air Bike
XTERRA Fitness AIR350 Air Bike
  • Give A Smooth, Calm
  • Helpful Transportation Wheels
  • Monitor with huge LCD Display

1- Body Rider BRF700 – Best Upright Exercise Bike Under 500

Best Seller

Body Rider Fan Bike BRF700


  • Brand: Body Rider
  • Item Dimensions: 41.75 x 22 x 46.5
  • Max Height 45.5 Inches
  • Max Weight: 250 Pounds
  • Drive System: Belt
  • Color: Black

In case you are intending to purchase a minimal expense air bike for both strengthening and cardio workout, Body Rider BRF700 is a decent alternative you can certainly choose. It is built with very strong and effective air resistance framework. For killer cardio sessions, it is a recommended choice you can check.

Body Rider BRF700 - Best Upright Exercise Bike Under 500

This one is the versatile and adaptable bike I’ve tested! It is outstanding amongst other best air exercise bikes under 100 that permit you to get the perk of upper body and elliptical exercise on single bike. This bicycle provides some serious whole body workout.

The body rider upright fan bike accompanies a resistance handle to change workout intensity and similarly customizable seat to oblige different statures. You can change from one adjustment to another as effectively as a turn of a handle.   

The functional and productive plan of the bicycle joins the arms and chest area for a genuine complete body exercise, with an emphasis on cardiovascular endurance and strength preparing. Besides that, it has customizable seat for numerous clients and a fan to keep you fresh during your exercise. This isn’t completely a fan bicycle.

With the assistance of a textured band that is folded over the fan wheel of this upright bike it blows fresh breezy air. For instance if you’re searching for a minimal expense workout bike with an effective  and user friendly plan for powerful cardiovascular  exercises, this air bike is a decent decision.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic: Multi-function, extended handlebars for upper and lower body involvement. High energy fan wheel framework is useful for a smoother ride.
  • Adjustability: Simple handle knob is present to adjust resistance levels and intensity. There is a handle just beneath the monitor screen that you can change upwards and downwards to make your exercises more or less difficult.
  • Unlimited resistance: The fan of the bike manages double function while it chills you off; it offers limitless measure of difficulty. It additionally acts phenomenal, on the grounds that harder you pedal better and cooler air you are provided with, and harder will be the workout. Handlebars are all around put so you experience no difficulties working out on your lower body.
  • Easy to Track: With clear LCD presentation, you can follow time, distance, speed, and calories.
  • Durable: The sturdy “h” outline configuration of this bike is made for consistency and security
  • Comfortable: Flexible seat and extra padded features for ultimate comfort.
  • Designed with tough steel for guaranteeing steadiness and genuine feelings of serenity.
  • An adjustable fan resistance that is effectively changed with a turn of manual handle to make your exercise as exceptional as you want
  • This bike utilizes belt drive component
  • Bike accompanies extra padded.
  • Throw away the cool air as you ride the bicycle.
  • Simple but effective display screen is incorporated.
  • There is no lock feature in handlebars.
  • Not suitable for clients more than 250 pounds.

This Body Rider BRF700 offers a breathtaking worth, with its ergonomic plan and a value that is reasonable for almost anybody. While choosing this bicycle, you can likewise have confidence that it’s anything but a notable and confided in brand that offers the absolute best exercise gear.

This model is a magnificent beginner’s indoor cycle that has demonstrated to be very mainstream among individuals searching for home exercise bike. This best upright exercise bike under 500 accompanies astounding highlights, alongside a good monitor display and an incredible generally construct, which makes it stand apart from the other options. 

Body Rider BRF700 - Best Upright Exercise Bike Under 500

2- Sunny Health & Fitness – Best Exercise Bike on the Market

Premium Pick

Sunny Health & Fitness Air Bike


  • Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness
  • Item Dimensions: 42.5 x 25.5 x 47.5
  • Max Height 45.5 Inches
  • Max Weight: 220 Pounds
  • Drive System: Chain
  • Color: Gray
  • Resistance: Air

The SH&F hybrid air resistance bike is quite exceptional and gives you the ideal ride with the less force. I personally suggest this thing for your workout; you’d rather not miss this option of an awesome bike with such low value price.

Sunny Health & Fitness - Best Exercise Bike on the Market

The air resistance is useful for novices and likewise for professional athletes as well, as you can tweak the force with a special resistance adjusting knob. The fanwheel configuration is easy to use and efficient. It’s an additional resistance component of the air bicycle.

Key Features

  • Innovative plan: The fan wheel configuration allows air to go about as added upgrades to affirm useful exercise along with the chain framework.
  • Smooth activity: Chain drive hardware that offers a tough and solid exercise.
  • Micro-tension framework: This element offers an extra obstruction by the turn of a handle that solidifies the pressure.  
  • Productivity: Dual action handlebars move consistently while you pedal to accomplish a full body exercise.
  • Flexibility: Large completely adjustable seat pad. It is 4-way movable which can climb up, down, forward and backward.
  • Easy to screen the exercise: Monitor displays time, speed, distance, and calories.
  • Supported weight limit: 220 lbs (100 kg)
  • Easy transportation: Built-in transport wheels function admirably.
  • The durable quality is in plus point here.
  • Easy to utilize micro pressure framework
  • The chain component permits the client to have tough and smooth ride
  • The bike’s pedals are made of sturdy nylon material.
  • Quality of resistance strap used in flywheel is not up to the mark.
  • A footrests component is not included.

Sunny health and fitness is a well-known brand for some premium workout bikes. They convey different models that appeal to all degrees of wellness aficionado. This model device is ideal for people who want to begin their fitness workout routine.

This is a tough and effectively function bicycle at reasonable cost. It’s a bicycle made for light to medium-force cardio exercises, muscle conditioning, span workouts, and weight reduction.

Sunny Health & Fitness - Best Exercise Bike on the Market

3- Marcy NS-1000 – Best Exercise Bike Under 200

Our Pick

Marcy Fan Exercise Bike NS 1000


  • Brand: Marcy
  • Item Dimensions: 45.5 x 27.5 x 49.5
  • Max Height 49.5 Inches
  • Max Weight: 250 Pounds
  • Drive System: Air
  • Color: Black and Red

Marcy makes probably the most famous but equally affordable workout bikes. The Marcy fan exercise bike NS-1000 is a stationary indoor bicycle that additionally offers a whole body exercise.

This bicycle permits you to shred extra fats and strengthen all muscle groups simultaneously. It highlights double activity arms that will build your arms, shoulders and chest area in a same way as you pedal to fortify your legs, thighs and hip.

This Marcy air bike is fairly more modest than other comparative bicycles. Length of this bike around 45inches. Moreover, its general width, which is given by the distance between the external finishes of the handles, is 26.75inches (68 cm). 

Distinctively put, this bike is a long way from being a huge one. For this bike you don’t need to have enormous space at your home. The bicycle is a faraway from being weighty. At the point when completely gathered, it weighs roughly 58 lbs (26.3 kg), which implies that assembling it shouldn’t be an issue for one individual.

Key Features

  • Easy to move: It has moving wheels for simple portability.
  • Easy to keep track of activity: Its LED show supports simple to utilize PC filter capacities, and helps in following the exercise speed, time spent, distance, and calories burned.
  • Adjustable seat: The modifiable saddle can support clients of different body sizes and height.
  • Adjustable levelers: The versatile levelers, which are made to chip away at different surface grounds. So, can workout with great balance.
  • This bike highlights a casing made of steel tubing.
  • This Marcy air bike features a dark rust proof and scratch free coating.
  • The fan is enclosed in a metallic shield.
  • The overall resistance is fully customizable.
  • Handlebars don’t feature any adjustability.
  • Chain drive bicycles require regular maintenance.
  • Monitor is pretty basic.

This machine is brimming with amazing features. You will have the air resistance framework, the double activity arms for conditioning your chest area muscles. In addition, the best thing about that is this bike has a generally excellent and reasonable cost. Mostly this sort of bicycles with unique highlights cost exceptionally huge sums. However, this air workout bicycle doesn’t.

Marcy NS-1000 - Best Exercise Bike Under 200

4- Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike

Our Pick

Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike


  • Brand: Schwinn Fitness
  • Item Dimensions: 50 x 46 x 25
  • Max Height 50 Inches
  • Max Weight: 250 Pounds
  • Drive System: Belt
  • Color: Black

Consider this one as the younger sibling of Schwinn Air dyne AD8’s, pressing a significant part of a similar fan innovation into a lot more modest and affordable bundle. The potential gain is a comparable spotlight on strong construction quality, while the air resistance is very smooth and solid (but little bit noisy).

Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike

Schwinn AD2 Airdyne bike is a nitty gritty exercise bicycle with adjustable handlebars. It allows you to practice your legs and arms at the same time, or rest your legs and only perform an arm workout, and vice versa. Like any air bicycle, it has limitless resistance; intensity changes with your work. This bike is for best for novices to professional athletes.

Therefore, if you like interval exercises, cross fit workout or want to shed extra pounds, you will love this bike. You cannot miss cardio workouts, if you want to be a general fit individual. That is the reason I appreciate the air bicycle to such an extent. In case you’ve never utilized an air bicycle, it’s an especially fierce and successful approach to get cardio sessions in.

This bike is an incredible decision for your cardio workouts. The airdyne AD2 tackles a modest bunch of serious issues that the vast majority have with cardio. Only four minutes of focused exertion on this one is sufficient to leave your whole body worn out the entire day.

Key Features

  • Infinite resistance: This schwinn airdyne gives boundless degrees of opposition. Regardless of how much opposition the client provides the bicycle, it bounces back with equally proportionate measure of obstruction back. This permits the bicycle to be helpful for any ability and fitness level. It can easily be used for low impact exercises just as intense high energy cardio sessions.
  • Good computer tech: Rapidly and effortlessly read all you require to tack your exercise on the screen. Speed, rpm, distance, time and calories. It’s basic and simple to-utilize. Monitoring the time slipped by is an imperative component for doing hiit exercises effectively.
  • Rest your legs: It comes with footrests so whenever you’re worn out and need to focus on your arms you can keep your feet on them. Despite the fact that I don’t utilize them much, I actually like having them for the odd time I want to change everything around. It offers me the chance for a wide assortment of exercises.
  • This bike is difficult to grow out of.
  • In case you want to work out your arms instead of your legs simultaneously.
  • The little impression makes for problem free transport and storing.
  • The seat is somewhat small in size and less padded.
  • Little bit on noisier side.

Airdyne bicycles are incredible to have at home in the case that you live in an area with cold weather and disdain going out for a gym or running. It can help you do your daily workout in the solace of your own home, get more fit, and construct muscle.

The Schwinn AD2 is perhaps the most legitimate airdyne bicycles available in this price range. Airdynes commonly known as air bikes and fan bike are purposely built for interval training workouts. That will assist you in losing weight, building muscles and shaping up your body.

Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike

5- Stamina Airgometer – Exercise Bike 300 lb Capacity

Stamina has given an extraordinary piece of gym equipment in the shape of airgometer exercise bike at a generally excellent cost. This bicycle has a great deal of the very parts and quality that you’ll discover in air obstruction practice bicycles costing twice as this one. The Stamina airgometer is a direct and simple to utilize fan bicycle that will help you arrive at your wellness objectives in the solace of your own home.

Stamina Airgometer - Exercise Bike 300 lb Capacity

This workout bicycle gives a smooth strength and cardiovascular exercise as you want. Simple to utilize, quick, versatile and difficulty for all degrees of clients make this bicycle is unquestionably outstanding amongst other best recumbent bikes under 500 of all time.    

Key Features

  • Smooth and reliable Ride: The Stamina Airgometer is designed to offer tranquil, smooth and solid rice.  Tough and strikingly agreeable, this workout bike is ideal for fitness devotees who request genuinely extreme exercises. It is a similarly incredible choice for less experienced riders who need to advantageously work on cardiovascular wellness and strength at home.
  • Proven Path: This bike adds to those demonstrated advantages by allowing you to focus on your whole body. Accelerating with your feet fortifies your legs, thighs, hips and calves while the double activity handlebars work your arms, shoulders and chest. By working out full body muscle at the same time, this bike expands the power, cutting off extra calories and fat.
  • Durable Comfort: As manufacturers have made no penances on the solace components this bicycle is built to last for years. The hard-core oval steel casing and strong steel lodging around the fan secure the trustworthiness of the bicycle, while a more extensive, padded seat makes the ride smoother.
  • This stationary bike has a frame of solid, substantial steel
  • The bicycle accompanies magnetic fan resistance framework.
  • Features padded handlebars for solace.
  • The seat of the bicycle is a wide padded seat stuffed with soft foam.
  • It has stabilizers covers to provide firmness and steadiness.
  • The one fault we have over and again heard from clients has to do with the pedals of this bike. Many people guarantee that the pedals will over and again become free and require steady fixing.

This one is strong workout equipment in its own value section. You can pay few hundreds more for the schwinn airdyne AD6, that is practically the same. Likewise, in few less bucks, this economical bicycle will offer you all you require. It has incredible resistance mechanism, fits almost everybody serenely, and gives a magnificent full body exercise. This one is certainly a wise purchase.

Stamina Airgometer - Exercise Bike 300 lb Capacity

6- XTERRA Fitness AIR350 Air Bike Under 400

The Xterra fitness air350 bike is one of the best and affordable workout bicycles delivered by brand in 2019. It is actually a more moderate adaptation of the air650 bike. Including some awesome features, it is a workout gear made especially for home use.

XTERRA Fitness AIR350 Air Bike Under 400

It additionally doesn’t feature any adjustability in resistance levels, simply the fan with the limitless powerful reaction. This air exercise bike ticks all my requirement boxes. Any prepared experts and the individuals who have never worked out in their life can flawlessly use this bicycle.

Key Features

  • Built to last: To give a smooth, calm, and successful workout insight, this bike is engineered with superior grade and strong materials. The Xterra fitness air350 highlights a steel outline and a genuinely substantial built.   
  • Planned for all spaces: Compact edge and helpful transportation wheels, makes this air bike effectively portable and mobile.
  • Basic but compelling interface: Monitor with huge LCD display follows and shows all your exercise measurements to keep you propelled.
  • Provide magnificent security for the unit.
  • Frame of bike is covered with erosion safe paint coating.
  • The flywheel frame is likewise painted in black color.
  • Bike incorporates a standard seat. Made up of polyurethane material.
  • Monitor of bike lacks heart monitoring capacity.
  • Likewise, monitor is not backlit.

With a decent blue color in the haggle the construction of this air bicycle, hopes to stand apart from the remainder of the indoor bike by having a touch of style. Obviously, that is not all it has making it work. It includes a huge 6-edge fan for further dynamic resistance, a 4-way flexible saddle, and a monitor with objective following for time, distance, and calories.

XTERRA Fitness AIR350 Air Bike Under 400

Buying guide for Best Air Bike Under 500$

So, if you haven’t effectively seen, workout bicycles are a fairly assorted classification. This is the reason knowing precisely what you need and what will work for you is significant in tracking down the ideal bicycle.

Drive Type

There are two kinds of drive-frameworks i.e. belt and chain drive. In case, that you need to cut the commotion coming from your workout bike, go through the additional cash and purchase a smooth belt drive framework. And in the event, you’re not worried about the noise during exercise then you can choose sturdy chain-drive.       

Resistance System

Besides the look of your bicycle or the highlights it is stacked with, the main elements is the thing that how much resistance intensity it provide. Eventually, it is the thing that makes the exercise worth it. More the difficulty pressure, greater the power and more noteworthy the benefits.

Be that as it may, while having more friction levels ordinarily makes for a more adjustable bicycle. You will discover a few obstruction frameworks accessible to you as you shop under 500 cost value.   


Air exercise bikes accompany two-way and four-way customizability. In 2 ways the bicycle seat goes upward and downward only. While in 4 way, it goes upward, downward, front and back.


Not all air bicycles accompany advances monitor screen however a quality presentation can improve your exercises experience. Good display can help you keep the track of your workout.

Build Quality

The last factor you need consider in this price range is build quality of bike. You need to check how the bike look and feel. Are the parts made up of cheap wobbly plastic? Do you feel steady while pedaling or does the bicycle shake away? Focus on the heaviness of the bicycle. Heavier bicycles will in general be of higher grade materials. Like steel for the casing and hard plastic.


There you have it, complete guide for best air bikes under $500. The bicycles in this reach are an incredible method to get into cycling and stay connected with those moderate options in the market. The six models we have chosen address a decent part of what is accessible with this money in your wallet, too as what you can expect as far as execution and highlights.

FAQ’s About Best Air Bike under 500

Are Exercise Bikes Good Exercise?

They definitely are! In spite of the fact that approaching the bicycle is only one element of it – it’s dependent upon you to invest the push to get results, regardless of whether that is weight reduction, cardio session or endurance workouts. An air exercise bicycle is an amazing low-sway machine that you can use at home. Numerous individuals will discover it feels more natural than a treadmill or rower, and is subsequently somewhat more congenial.

How many calories do you burn on an air bike?

Since air bicycles have boundless degrees of resistance, and created for extreme focus exercises, it’s not difficult to burn heaps of calories. On average, individual can easily burn 80 calories per minute on air bike. But it depends on everybody’s power and intensity.

How long should you ride an air bike?

The air bicycle will build its obstruction dependent on how quickly and hardly have you push/pull the pedals. Accelerate as you become more familiar with the development. Keep your back straight instead of inclining forward. Keep a consistent speed for 20 to an hour for an oxygen consuming exercise  

Which is better air bike or spin bike?

Air Bikes are hefty and large equipment and not every person can easily utilize them. Spin bikes are more famous among gym attendees who need to have light exercise and for the most part center on weight reduction and leg exercise. They don’t give a full rock solid exercise like that on the air bike.

Are air bikes good for weight loss?

They can effectively assist with weight reduction. Contingent upon the power of your exercise and your body weight, you can consume in excess of 80calorie/minute with an air bicycle exercise. This makes indoor cycling an astounding exercise choice for burning calories rapidly. And bigger number of calories than you burn-through is the crucial for weight reduction.


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