8 Best Exercise Bike For Obese OR BIG Persons | Expert’s Viewpoints

I know the word “FAT†makes many of us awkward. In fact, that’s what I am! A corpulent girl, who loves to do workout. Therefore, I thought to impart my insight and knowledge of bikes for big person to every one of you, my chubby, chunky and curvy biker pals. Biking is an extraordinary method to workout, in case you are overweight. It can assist you with working on your health, elevates your self-confidence, get fit as a fiddle and accomplish a fitness goal.

There are few things to consider in this regards, like picking big and tall exercise equipment. Therefore, with lots of motivation and stamina you will need one of the best exercise bike for obese for it.

Vanswe Recumbent Exercise Bike
Vanswe Recumbent Exercise Bike
  • Fully Adjustable
  • 16 Levels Magnetic Resistance
  • Digital Led Tracking Panel
Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent
Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent
  • Moveable Handlebars
  • Pulse Sensors
  • 8 Levels Of Resistance
Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Bike
Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Bike
  • Heavy Duty And High Durable
  • 8 Level Magnetic Tension Control System

There are many exercise bikes for big people available in market. However, finding good high capacity exercise bikes for over 300 lbs. is absolutely a different story. To assist you with it, I have arranged a rundown of some best exercise bike for heavy weight persons. You can easily shed those extra pounds in the comfort and convenience of your home with a help of these. For more stuff please visit Void Bike

Best Exercise Bikes for Obese

1- Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic – Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you are also worried about the weight limit of your workout bike just like me. You can easily trust this recumbent bike from sunny health & fitness, which includes a rock-solid construction that securely upholds as much as 350 pounds. That is not all, there’s significantly more in it even so.  

However, my personal most favorite features of this one is it’s its dual action handlebars. They make this bicycle an outstanding choice amongst other workout bikes you can discover now. This feature transforms this bike into an extraordinary cross-bicycle as you can work out your lower and upper body at the same time like any elliptical trainer. It focuses on most of your body muscle than the normal workout bicycle does.

With this bicycle, you get great workout equipment at a reasonable value that does what it should do. An awesome pick for heavy and big users who wants to take part in cardio works out. It shows up well built and set for assembling with all essential needed. This bike provides 8 levels of magnetic resistance. A sufficient range for novices who need to develop their endurance gradually. 


  • Maximum Weight limit: up to 350lbs.
  • Adjustability: Seat is two way adjustable (forward and backward). Adjustable handlebars and pedals.
  • Resistance: eight resistance levels.
What I like
  • Uses a tranquil belt-drive framework
  • Bike features a rock solid casing
  • Large seat offers support and comfort during ride
  • Handlebars move forward and backward while you pedal
  • Pedals are anti-slip adjustable ones
What I don’t
  • Handlebars are situated a bit high
  • Assembling is a quite troublesome
  • Pedals not as durable as the other parts of bike

Recumbent workout bicycles overall are prestigious for their solace and usability, making them ideal for individuals at whatever fitness level or age. Indeed, this bike is outstanding amongst other enormous and tall gym equipment, with a 350 lbs. limit, a belt-drive framework, and a solid steel outline. You will discover no issue cutting of those extra fats on this protected bicycle. As long as you do not mind a bit tricky assembling and not various resistance levels, I don’t see a reason why this shouldn’t be your pick. This bike is ideal for obese individuals, so what are thinking? Just get it and start riding.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic - Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

2- Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty – Best Foldable Exercise Bike

The Exerpeutic gold 500 xlx heavy-duty bike is a remarkably well built and affordably valued indoor cycling bike for morbidly obese. It is compact, foldable and packed with numerous features. It is strong, vigorous and satisfies the principles of an optimal workout bicycle. It is ideal for shedding pounds, burning extra calories, and getting fit as a fiddle.

This bike from Exerpeutic is one of the smallest hard-core workout bicycles available. With a greatest weight limit of 400 pounds, yet the actual bicycle weighs just 51 pounds. According to me, best element of this bicycle is that it is compact, foldable and easily portable. This bicycle is ideal for condo living individuals with little rooms, or individuals with restricted space to keep gym equipment.

Foldable exercise bicycles are frequently an issue for bigger clients, yet this exerpeutic gold xls workout bike appears to be prepared to resist that thing. It meets the objectives of nearly anybody and performs quite well for all fitness levels.


  • Maximum Weight Capacity: One of best exercise bike with 400 pounds weight capacity.
  • Adjustability: Seat is 2-way adjustable (Upward/downward).
  • Resistance: 8 levels of magnetic resistance.
  • Exceptionally compact and foldable: This bike has a small impression of 39 to 48 inches. For instance that was not enough that it is so light and little, you can even overlap it to half of its size. I think that is astounding that an workout bicycle so little and light can uphold 400 pounds clients. That makes this equipment a mind-blowing choice for any individual who does not have the enough room.
What I like
  • Durable and stable built of the bicycle make this unit the bike with highest weight limit
  • Eight levels of magnetic resistance
  • Resistance is handily controlled with the strain change knob
  • Monitor is quite fundamental
What I don’t
  • Seat is right around 15 inches wide, it might begin to feel awkward
  • Bicycle does not dominate in customizability factor

You would be unable to track down a more grounded bicycle with this much weight limit in respect to a similar cost. There is nothing to unlike about this bike. It’s modest, smaller, and can uphold large individuals shockingly well. On the off chance that you are on a strict spending plan, weigh 400 lbs. or less, and need to get fit, you ought to genuinely consider the exerpeutic gold xlx  exercise bicycle. We are by all account not the only ones who like this bike, checking amazon you can discover many positive reviews with mostly five stars for it.

Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty - Best Foldable Exercise Bike

3- LABODI Stationary Bike

Is it true that you are searching for something modern looking, with a smooth, solid built? Well this option may very well be for you.  With a weight limit of 330 lbs. also, a 35lbs flywheel giving more force to a difficult and genuine riding experience. Therefore, any bigger individual hoping to lose some weight can use this bicycle.

It possesses a bigger flywheel and belt drive, which makes it more steady and safe while guaranteeing an agreeable ride. With its flexible 2-way non-slip handlebars and 4-way seat, which will give you a brilliant indoor ride, this bicycle, gives you a more customized insight, ideal for tracking down the ideal position to ride for you. Even better, this bike likewise comes outfitted with unique resistance and a pressure handle that permits you to change to various opposition levels, mimicking that genuine street experience. I totally love this upright bicycle, it just took around 30 minutes to gather it up and feels very much like riding the real bike on road.


  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 330 lbs. weight limit.
  • Adjustability: Adjustable seat and handlebars give you a quality riding experience at your home gym.
  • Resistance: This indoor cycling bicycle has a unique friction framework with endless levels. Overall, this framework is comprised of a brake cushion, the flywheel, and the knob handle. At the point when the handle is moved clockwise, the brake cushion movements to connect with the top chrome plated surface of the flywheel. Subsequently, there is friction that outcome in difficulty.
What I like
  • Bicycle has thickened casings
  • Flywheel weight around 35 pounds
  • Tension knob permits you to make your workout simple
  • I absolutely love the 4 way adjustable seat
  • Pedals and edge are solid
What I don’t
  • Monitor is not backlit
  • Magnetic resistance is more easy to use as compare to friction resistance

This is a smooth and strong alternative for your home gym. There are heaps of things to like about this bicycle from the steel toe confines to the LCD screen that make this bicycle stick out. The inherent pulse screens help you track your pulse across exercises so you can develop toward your weekly targets. This is a straightforward bicycle that will take care of business regardless of anything.

LABODI Stationary Bike

4- Vanswe Recumbent Exercise Bike

Biking is probably the best type of cardio and recumbent bicycles assist you with accomplishing your cardio objectives without any problem. Albeit these bicycles may appear to be simple, their high opposition settings and endeavors make them one of the powerful and extreme focus exercises. If you want to have that experience, this vanswe recumbent bicycle offers a noteworthy 16 degrees of resistance for extraordinary exercise.

This Vanswe bicycle is a minimal expense recumbent bicycle with a great casing, plan, and highlights. In contrast to comparative models, it highlights both upper and lower handlebars, so you can sit and hold whatever is agreeable to you. It is one of the best bike is for obese who are hoping to practice in a more modest space. At just 53 lbs., this bicycle is the one of the lightest and smallest bicycle

This is incredible exercise bike for heavy weight people individuals that need to challenge themselves and have a more extensive extent of adjustments choices. It also offers 16-levels resistance framework, leaned back and agreeable seat, and many brilliant highlights like Bluetooth, LCD display and so forth and a very agreeable constructed.


  • Maximum Weight Capacity: It can uphold 380 lbs of weight (172.3 kg)
  • Adjustability: Adjustable seat via rail system
  • Resistance: 16 tension levels magnetic resistance system.
What I like
  • Principle suspension is a one-piece component
  • Both the seat and the backrest cushions incorporate 2inches of froth padding to give ideal solace
  • Footstep plan makes getting on to the bike easy for those with back problems
  • 380lbs weight limit
What I don’t
  • The screen is not illuminated
  • Level 1 to 7 of resistance is quite light
  • Might not be appropriate for anybody taller than 6’2″
  • Handlebars are not adjustable

Is it accurate to say that you are contemplating whether this bicycle is worth your cash? Indeed, I pondered that as well. Notwithstanding, it is an incredible beginners level bicycle for those looking to refocus with their wellness venture. It has everything you could’ve expected from a workout bicycle and much more. This one offers perhaps the most far-reaching opposition frameworks at the cost, and its Bluetooth availability separates it from different bicycles at this value point. The bicycle additionally offers the weight limit of 380 pounds. Considering the value point, it is worth buying.

Vanswe Recumbent Exercise Bike

5- Pooboo Recumbent Exercise Bike

An optimal bike for big person ought to be agreeable, simple to work and meet the necessities of the rider. These are of the highlights that portray the pooboo recumbent bike for seniors. Its instinctive plan includes the ergonomics, functionalities, and highlights that will draw out the best in heavy users and help them stay fit cnsistently.

You will discover it looks amazingly appealing and similar to commercial quality gym bike. This bike is an purposely arranged gadget that will assist you with fulfilling your health needs rapidly. The low-estimated pooboo bike is a generally excellent beginner level workout bicycle that is direct and simple to utilize. There are no muddled projects to sort out, simply jump on and start at your own speed, changing the pressure level to suit your capacity.

The bicycle seat utilizes a leather material with high-thickness froth to help your back. Its heavy, foot tied pedals, and the froth elastic covered side handrail guarantees your security while working out. In general, recumbent bicycles are an extraordinary method to stay in shape without the jostling effect of customary exercise and this one is ideal bike for morbidly obese who have been encouraged to practice in a low-sway style.


  • Maximum Weight Capacity: Supports rider weight up to 220 lbs
  • Adjustability:  Seat Adjustable for various user heights
  • Resistance: 8 levels of magnetic resistance adjustable via easy to utilize turn-dial tension knob
What I like
  • 8 degrees of magnetic residence
  • Flywheel and double belt framework are more open and calmer
  • Drive framework is two-way
  • Includes an ergonomically planned seat with a backrest
  • Alongside the instinctive LCD screen
What I don’t
  • Not appropriate for individuals of diminutive height
  • It could get somewhat boisterous
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  • elementum felis blandit

Pooboo is devoted to helping more individuals in building up a normal and safe home exercise schedule. Its recumbent bicycle has 8 levels of flexible obstruction and can be utilized in a few trouble modes to suit your athletic requirements. Proficient wheels can likewise give phenomenal steadiness. I’m glad to report that pooboo recumbent bicycle is without a doubt, worth the cash. Obviously, that is only my input. Possibly, it is the ideal decision worth considering for you.

Pooboo Recumbent Exercise Bike

6- Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary

The cyclace exercise bike is a member of bicycle type called spin indoor bike. These bicycles are significantly better than your normal exercise bicycles for indoor cycling. This cyclace model can uphold 330 lbs. weight and is outstanding amongst other spin bicycles for obese since these bikes are intended to be additional hard to convey a superior chance for work out.

With simple to-oversee changes, the cyclace exercise bike can give suitable to any housemates who is between 5ft to 6ft tall. Basically, it has all you require for something very similar home exercise bike you would get with a recognizable name brand bicycle, yet for an affordable price. The actual casing is tough.

It comes in one major piece, and each piece on the casing of the bicycle feels like it’s worked to last. Furthermore, in contrast to the rock solid bicycle saddles that can be awkward for greater bodies; this seat has some width and pad to it. I didn’t feel any soreness or pain following 30 minutes of ride.


  • Maximum Weight Capacity: weight limit of as much as 330 pounds
  • Adjustability:  Designed for solace, this indoor cycling bicycle includes a movable seat that moves front and rearward as well as up and down so numerous users can procure a perfect fit. Handlebars are also two way adjustable (up/down).
  • Resistance: Features a friction resistance system. This stationary exercise bike accompanies a manual handle change framework not electronically.
What I like
  • Limitless resistance framework
  • Difficulty regulator of this bicycle is situated at the top
  • Seat is very much cushioned
  • Multi-grasp bended handlebars including drop bars
  • Cyclace screen shows the time, calories, speed, and distance.
  • This exercise bicycle makes a touch of clamor and requires more support contrasted with magnetic resistance bikes
  • No Bluetooth connectivity feature
  • Monitor doesn’t have backlit and can’t follow the RPM or pulse

The Cyclace indoor cycling bicycle can be a decent counterpart for fledglings and furthermore individuals who have some indoor cycling experience. It offers a decent scope of difficulties with its huge flywheel and limitless friction framework. The cyclace exercise bicycle gives a minimal expense approach to condition your body without breaking your financial balance.

Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary

7- Schwinn 111446-001 – Best Airdyne Pro Exercise Bike

Who doesn’t love those aggressive, hard-hitting Air Bikes? Air bicycles are quite possibly the most extreme types of cardio, so in case you are not kidding about getting fit successfully, this is an extraordinary method to do that. Schwinn Airdynes and assault bikes are the main brands that I have personally utilized, and I would suggest. The Schwinn 111446-001 Airdyne Pro doesn’t disillusion with a large number of the highlights that brand is known for.

Its belt drive initiates immediately and gives smooth obstruction that reacts to the exertion you put into each pedalWhere this bicycle stands apart for competitors are the underlying preset workout programs and the handles. There are several options for workout including 20-10 spans, 30-90 stretches, or you can even make yourself a custom workout with specific targets.

In case, that is sufficient enough, it incorporates distinctive handle positions, so marathon runners and genuine cyclists can utilize this bicycle to get an exercise that all the more intently coordinates with their cutthroat positions. The Schwinn airdyne pro’s belt drive mechanism, and extra-wide casing conveyed the most smooth are stable exercise possible. Instead of those ordinary frame material and chain drive seen on most bicycles, this one is a wide-bodied bicycle with a belt drive distinctly available in.

I personally suggest it for anybody with genuine cross Fit, interval training, or weight reduction objectives. It performed remarkable compared to other bicycles in my testing. Furthermore, when you toss in the crisp clear display, implicit workout choices, heart rate monitor, and weighty limit, it’s an easy decision.


  • Maximum Weight Capacity: While the bicycle just weighs 113 pounds, it will uphold as much as 350 pounds of client weight.
  • Adjustability:  Four way fully adjustable seat (up/down and front/backward).
  • Resistance: progressive air resistance for all athletic levels
What I like
  • Features a specially crafted 26 sharp edge fan
  • Solitary stage belt drive that offers smooth, viable and more proficient exercise
  • Belt drive framework provides smoother and calmer ride
  • It was unexpected for me to see that how tranquil it was
  • Monitor likewise accompanies a tachometer
What I don’t
  • It isn’t the awesome choice for consistent cardio exercises
  • Seat is somewhat compact and uncomfortable

One of the best fan bikes ever from the world’s famous brand. Consider it the Harley Davidson of exercise bikes. It really feels like a genuine road bicycle rather than simply a piece of gym equipment. It accompanies top of the line attributes that provide an extraordinary experience to riders for a decent exercise.

The quicker you pedal, the more challenge you will get. This bike accompanies a great air resistance mechanism that fulfills the demand of amateurs just as competitors who are recuperating from wounds. Extraordinary option for interval and cross fit exercises.

Schwinn 111446-001 - Best Airdyne Pro Exercise Bike

8- Nautilus Recumbent Bike Series

Nautilus is an innovator in low priced, top-notch workout bicycles. Moreover, there recumbent bike series (R618, R616, R614) has highlights in abundance and is a very much constructed workout bicycles. A portion of those highlights incorporate an assortment of workout choices, pulse checking, and Bluetooth connectivity. It is an exceptionally tranquil bicycle while being used. In addition, its step through plan makes it extremely simple for anybody to get on and off.

Profoundly appraised, they are superb exercise bicycles for the home. Sturdy and robust bicycles that gives you a lot of choices for improving your exercise routine. They are a sound and fitting decision in case you are searching for an exercise bicycle with 300 lbs. limit. It is built to easily give a medium to intense cardio exercise at home, and comes supported by a generally excellent guarantee.


This is an incredible decision, in case, you are a heavy person searching for a tough bicycle that will not bankrupt you, or you simply need a very dependable bicycle. The bicycle has 25 levels of resistance and 29 inbuilt exercise programs, which you can see on the two huge display screens. You can without much of a stretch pick the activity force that best suits your present fitness level and target.


  • Maximum Weight Capacity: It has the ability to deal with client weight up to 300 lbs.
  • Adjustability:  This bicycle gives you a ton of alternatives for movability. You can change it until it furnishes you with an ideal position. The handlebars on the seat are flexible too. You can likewise change the monitor’s position to keep it in your view.
  • Resistance: 20 resistance levels for all level cyclists.
  • 29 preset exercise programs including custom and calorie objective choices.
What I like
  • Has a media rack and connecting features for your cell phones
  • Bicycle is solid, strong and stable
  • LCD display is not so wider than others available are
  • Has bluetooth network so you can synchronize and monitor your development
What I don’t
  • This seat is not very comfortable
  • It is a fairly large bicycle
  • It isn’t foldable. And difficult to store

These are one of the best recumbent bicycles intended for home use. Incorporated with highlights like speakers, inbuilt fan, preset workout choices and connectivity option, this bike obviously separates itself from usual workout bicycles. Besides it is strong, solid and very much fabricated and will give an extraordinary exercise.

Nautilus Recumbent Bike Series

Things To Look Out For In The Best Exercise bike for obese

While shopping for the exercise equipment for obese, below are the considerations you should pay attention to:

Weight Capacity

Before purchasing any bike for big person, you should check the weight limit of the unit. This is more necessary in case that they should remain on such hardware or stroll on them. The suggested client loads are mentioned to assist with guaranteeing the perfect individual utilizes the right gear. Utilizing exercise bike not suggested for your weight may yield no certain outcomes.

Level of impact

This implies it should not put strain on your joints. Fat and huge individuals are not as dynamic and dexterous as would be normal people. Then again, being hefty additionally decreases their solidarity and makes it difficult for them to help all sort of gear. It is ideal to get low effect gear for fat person. This implies that you look for exercise bike that doesn’t put extra weight on joints.


Not all that are fat people can move themselves and lift their body without any problem. Henceforth while looking for exercise bike, it is great to discover safe ones. A few machines accompany seat straps; some have foot ties on pedals that will keep you from falling while working out. You can likewise keep an eye out that the bike you purchase have stands that you can put them on to keep them from falling while working out.


There are two angles to this. One, you need to make sufficient space in your home prior to considering getting gym equipment. At the point when you have space sufficiently large, you would then be able to continue to purchase. Likewise look for gear won’t take a lot of room in your home. Go for gear that can both be utilized indoor and outside. Also, opt for the bike with wider and comfortable seat and pedals.


You have an objective of looking for best bike for obese. Thus, ensure that the item you are getting now satisfies your objectives. Past this, you should likewise try to discover bike that will give you various choices. It is smarter to discover choices when it comes to adjustability of bike.


Best exercise bike for obese ought to be picked cautiously in the event that they will get their preferred best out. In this article, we have considered 8 of the best exercise bicycles for big persons you can discover around. Picking any of this gear will guarantee you partake in all of time you spend practicing your body.

FAQ’s About Bike for Big Persons

How to start losing weight if you are obese?

u003cbr/u003eIn case you are extremely fat, getting in shape can signify u0022less coronary illness, less diabetes and less malignancy. Individuals put on weight when they eat more than they do burn, so devouring fewer calories, or energy will be beneficial. Roll out practical improvements to your eating regimen and workout that can turn into your customary daily schedule. The ideal approach to get fit is to make long haul changes to eat less carbs and actual work that outcome in a consistent pace of weight reduction. Make goal of losing at least 1kg every week until you accomplish a healthy weight. Also, make practice simpler, keep focused.

Do obese people lose weight faster?

u003cbr/u003e1 to 2 pounds each seven-day stretch of weight loss is normal. However, it is practicable for a obese individual with a big and huge size to all things considered and essentially lose 2.5 to 3.0 pounds each week.

What is considered extreme obesity?

u003cbr/u003eAnyone who is in excess of 100 pounds over their sound body weight has extreme obesity. This is is a genuine medical issue that can meddle with essential activities like walking and breathing. Extremely overweight persons are at serious danger for ailments including diabetes, hypertension, rest apnea, osteoarthritis, coronary illness, and many other diseases.

Do exercise bikes have weight limits?

u003cbr/u003eEverything has a breaking point to its solidarity. Get in a lift, and it has weight limit posted on it. Your vehicle has a weight limit. Mostly bridges you drove over, has a weight limit as well. Likewise, exercise bikes have weight limits on them. The normal weight limit of workout bicycle is 250 to 300 pounds, nonetheless, some can go up to 400 lbs. or more.

Which Type Of exercise bike Is best For obese people?

u003cbr/u003eA recumbent bike is a prevalent decision for overweight individuals, particularly for those of you more than 300 pounds. They’re significantly more obliging and you’ll have the option to do much more things while utilizing them, for example, stare at the TV, read, scroll down to your smartphone. In addition, they gave low impact on joints that is very helpful.  

Recommendation for Best Exercise Bike For Obese

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