10 Exercise You Perform in Your Bedroom + Cool Your Body

We all are familiar with doing regular exercise or workouts and how much they are important for our body and entire health. There are several types of people, and they have their personal preferences and likings according to their workout plans.  Some humans like to go to the gym or get out of their bed. They sometimes went for a walk or jogging.  However, some people also do not like to go outside and want to keep themselves healthy and fit, only staying in their homes.

Without delay, let’s jump right into the details.

Which Exercises can be performed in the Bedroom?

You know that there are different types of exercises that are particularly for specific body parts.  Generally, people who are regular in their exercises and workout routines, decide on exercises for each body part on each day of the week.  

But here we are going to give you a description of exercises that are beneficial for your entire body, and you can easily tone up your body and build your muscles with these exercises eventually. If you are one who does not like to go out to the gym and perform his regular workouts or exercises, then some exercises you can perform in your bedroom are;

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Push-Up
  • Sit-Ups
  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Planks
  • Burpees
  • Leg Raise

The first and foremost thing before any particular exercise is warming up your body.  warm-ups are very critical, and they activate your muscles and bones. One can do stretching as well before doing any exercise.  On a regular basis, the suggested time is between 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure your space is modern. Otherwise, you can not do your exercises efficiently.  For warm-up activity, you can do spot running or high knees.  but before warming up make sure that you stress your body fully.  

1- Jumping Jacks

This is a popular exercise you can do while you exercise in your bed. After warming up,  as mentioned earlier, jumping jacks can go very well for your body.  For this, you have to stand up. The initial position of your entire body is altogether you have to join your feet and your hands straight on the side of your body.  Now, you have to raise your hands right on your head.  Simultaneously jump outside with your feet completely stretched out.  In this way, you are going to make an ‘’A-shape’’ of your body. 

Synchronize this movement and start doing your jumping jacks. You can either do three sets of 10 jumping jacks or two.  This exercise is very good, and it increases your heartbeat very rapidly.

Jumping Rope Exercise

2- Push Ups

Pushups are also an incredible exercise for your arms and back muscles. For that exercise, you need to get down on the floor with your hands touching the floor.  At this point, your elbows must be locked and under your shoulders.  Start lowering your body towards the ground and pause at a certain position. You must be careful that your chest is not touching the ground.

 Now move back to the previous position. And start performing a similar movement. In this exercise, you need to control your arms.  There is also high pressure that you will feel around your knees and your spinal cord or back. Initially, this exercise will be quite hard for you, but eventually, you will be able to do three to five sets of pushups very easily.

lady is doing push ups exercise

3- Sit-ups

This is one of the easiest and cool exercises, and you must be familiar with it. For that exercise, you need to lie on your back and start bending your knees until you maintain a distance from the ground. It is good that you keep your hands behind your head, it will give you balance and you will be able to maintain your position very efficiently. It is a kind of position in which you have a seat on a low chair. While doing sit-ups, you will feel extreme pressure on your knees and legs.

Man doing sit ups exercise abdominals exercise

This exercise is ideal for toning up your thigh muscles. Hip muscles and thigh muscles work in coordination in this exercise. Doing three sets of 10 setups is good for the initial workout routine.

30 Challenge DAY

Sit Ups 30 days challenge calendar

4- Lunges

This exercise is also ideal for legs, and particularly it is best for thighs as well as calves. For lunges, you need to step forward with your one leg either left or right. Now lower your hip until it becomes equal to the position of your knees.  we can say that this bending is about 90 degrees.

Once you achieve this position, now back up and return to the position where you have started.  Perform this exercise again and make sure to swap your legs. Do lunges for your both legs, and performing two sets of 10 on each leg is pretty good for you.

Full infographics of Lunges exercise

5- Side lunges

If you want an option for exercise that will tone your inner thigh muscles, then side lunges are your ideal friend. In this exercise, you need to open your legs wide, which is more than your shoulder’s width.  Now start going down and shift your entire body weight on one leg.  While doing this, you need to bend your knees at a right angle, however, the other leg is straight in this case.

 Now return back to your original position with your upper body straight and legs wide open.  Perform a similar ping on your other leg and keep doing this exercise for 3 sets of 10 each. 

Side lunges exercise demo

6- Squats

This is one of the most famous exercises for toning off legs and hips.  Squats can give you a tough time because this exercise is quite difficult to perform,  as you need to keep your angles right for effective muscle movement.  For squats, you need to have a straight and your chest and shoulders up.  make sure that you look straight and your shoulders and knees are in the same width opening. Now start bending your knees and stop until you get a 90-degree angle with your hip in contrast to the floor.

 Return to standing straight. This exercise is very beneficial, and it ton your leg muscles very rapidly. Initially, you can do three sets of 10 squads and increase it eventually.

Woman doing bodyweight squats exercise

7- Burpees

This is quite a fun exercise, and it is ideal for the entire toning of your body. It is also ideal for losing calories faster as it accelerates your heartbeat, and you will sweat a lot in this exercise. Talking about this exercise will start when you are in the standing position.

Now move forward and go in the squat position. Now your hands will touch the ground, and you will come in plank position for one to two seconds. Then return to your standing position with your hands high in the air. Some people end one turn with a high jump and then again then start the next one again.

Burpee burpees sport exersice

8- Leg Raise

This exercise is also for the abdomen. Lie on the ground on your back.  Your legs must be straight and altogether. Now lift your legs up towards the ceiling and make sure that they are in a straight position. Once your legs are high up and straight then, start lowering them back toward the ground. In this exercise, you will feel extreme pressure on your stomach, and it is one of the most suitable exercises for strengthening your core muscles. 

Once your legs touch the ground now again lift your legs and start doing a similar action again and again. You can also decide on the sets accordingly. The number of sets that you are performing depends on which level you are at. Leg raises will help you turn up the muscles of your stomach.

Girl leg raise home workout exercise

9- Planks

Blanks are also for the stomach and lower body area of the abdomen.  lie on the ground,  in such a way that your chest is facing the ground. Now place your forearms on the ground along with your elbow.  your elbow and shoulders must be aligned and in accordance with each other.  Your legs should be straight, and your feet touching the ground. The feet must be open a little wide.

 You can do planks by setting the time on your mobile phone and on a stopwatch. Initially, you can be in this position for 30 seconds.  Once you are successful in achieving your first milestone. We suggest you increase the time of your planks, and in this way, you will be able to strengthen your core muscles very well.  Planks are very helpful, and they are best for the abdomen muscles.

Man doing plank get ups exercise flat

10- Mountain Climbing

Another incredible exercise for toning your entire body muscles. These will activate and mobilize your shoulder, leg, and stomach muscles. Mountain climbing is also a very useful exercise for burning calories.  In this exercise, you need to be in a set-go position.  Suppose you are going to run a marathon or any long race.  You need to sit on the ground with one leg behind you and your hands in the upward direction right in front of your shoulders. 

 Now you have to start moving your feet so that you are climbing a mountain or running on a sloppy hill.  Mountain climbing is an exercise that will tone your leg muscles, and it will create pressure on your stomach muscles as well.  Make sure that your bag is straight and you are looking forward to it.  During this exercise, your head must be up, and all your leg muscles must be synchronized for effective muscle movement.

These are the top ten exercises that you can perform in your bedroom. But make sure that the space is sufficient for you and that it is open.  Otherwise, there are chances that you will hit any of the objects or furniture present in the room. All these exercises are extremely beneficial, and they are effective for burning calories as well as toning muscles.  Eventually, you will be able to build up your muscles and strengthen your entire body with these exercises. 

Mountain climbers home workout female exercise

Cool Down Your Body

Once You are done with all your exercises now, it’s time to cool down a little bit. This is a crucial aspect of your workout routines. During and after these exercises, your body is very warmed up.  you will feel your body very heated up, and you will feel tired as well. For that, cooling down your body is a very significant aspect that must not be ignored at all.  You can take deep breaths for some time.  

In this way, more oxygen will be circulated in your body.  While doing this, you can move your arms in a circular motion, or you can do 5 to 10 hip twists as well.  in a few minutes, your heartbeat will become normal, and you will feel pretty much relaxed.  After that, you can have your post-workout meal or any other thing that you essentially do after your workouts. 

Apart from the above-mentioned exercises, there are also numerous other exercises as well that you can perform in your bedroom. For example, if your bedroom has a little more space, then you can also do skipping as well. You can also have a reward attached to the wall so that you can do pull-ups and many other exercises.  But the exercises that we have described earlier do not require any kind of equipment, and you can perform them easily.

After four to five days of regular workouts in your bedroom, you will be able to boost your stamina.  Hence we suggest you fix your time and spend that time on your body honestly.


Your fitness and health both require your motivation.  And with that motivation, you can achieve every milestone of your dream.  You can also get help from free fitness apps that are available for users out there who want to stay healthy and active without stepping out of their homes. Remember that fitness will give you the ultimate feeling of being healthy and confident.  It will also keep you mentally active and sharp.

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