How Long Should a Beginner Use a Rowing Machine?

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It is evident that workouts and regular exercises keep us fit And healthy. But at the same time, it is crucial to understand which exercise is best for you and add how much duration is the most suitable one to go for. 

Whenever you walk into a gym, you will see a number of Cardio machines used by the people. These include treadmills, elliptical bikes, and some others. Unfortunately, you will not find a rowing machine free. Because of its excellence, this machine is always occupied every time in the gymnasium.

In this article, we will inform you about the fantastic engagement you can achieve using a rowing machine. In addition, we will also tell you how long a beginner should use a rowing machine.  

So we assure you that this would be a highly informative article for everyone out there who is seeking the best workout timings, particularly from the perspective of a rowing machine. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Enjoy a Full-body Workout With a Rowing Machine.

Earlier, we didn’t mention that a rowing machine provides you with a full body workout well. It engages around 86% of the muscles of your body. According to research by the English institute of sport, using a rowing machine will activate all the major muscles of your body from head to toe. Sounds surprising? Many people do not know about the incredibleness and efficiency of this machine.

 The person engages the muscle of the legs, feet, hips, abs, shoulder, and arms. It means that almost your entire body muscles work out with a rowing movement.

You will be able to achieve an outstanding balance of your lower and upper body along with the abs.

 We hope now you must be getting that you can successfully build and strengthen your muscles and endurance at the same time with a rowing machine.

 Did you know that you Engage the muscles with pushups, squats, and bench presses with our rowing movement? But here, there is no need to lift a dumbbell or any heavyweight. The rowing machine strengthens those muscles you engaged in the workouts mentioned above. 

This is the best cardio exercise, which burns your calories and torch fat in the most suitable way. In the following sections, we will shortly elaborate on the other core advantages you can achieve with a rowing machine to keep yourself going on smoothly.

How to Use a Rowing Machine Step by Step

Now you are quite familiar with the excellent efficiency of a rowing machine. Now is a perfect time to understand the procedure and how you need to achieve the best posture while using a rowing machine. This section will enlist all the steps you must know about using a rowing machine.

  • Sitting down on the machine with your knees bent.

First, you must sit on the rowing machine’s seat and make yourself comfortable. While you are sitting, adjust accordingly and bend your feet so you can get closer to the base of the rowing machine. 

No, look for the footplate where you have to place your feet at the bottom of the machine. Right in front of you, you will see a handle attached to the middle of the machine, which is further attached to the code. Make sure that the seat might slide when you are sitting on the rowing machine, so be careful.

  • Securing the strap of the footplate

 If we assume the movement of the body on a rowing machine,

you will consider your heels lifting a little bit high when your knees are bent. Only the front portion of your feet is in contact with the machine footplate area. Pull out the straps across the top of her feet. Pull them until your feet do not secure on the plate. Also, take care of the fact that your foot does not slide on the footplate.

 While you are using a rowing machine, it is suitable to wear rubber-soled shoes. Sneakers will go well. However, you can also choose running shoes or train on a rowing machine.

  • Using an overhand grip, hold the handle of the rowing machine.

 Let us clear to you that the Rowing machine technique for beginners and professional trainers is the same. All you need to do is follow the guidelines carefully. Once you have tightened your feet on the footplate using an overhand grip, hold the handle of the rowing machine in the centerβ€”Wanna rowing machine, you have to pull this handle to workout your arms. 

Adjust your hands and pour them tightly before you pull them towards yourself. Fasten your palms around the machine’s handle to avoid any risk of injury. Also, it will help you position your body firmly on a rowing machine.

  • Forget to engage your core and maintain your posture.

 Whenever you are working out with any particular part of your body or engaging numerous muscles simultaneously, it is critical to analyze the body posture. Once you have a firm grip on the rowing machine, it’s time to check out your poster. Make sure to keep your shoulders and back straight.

 Also, tighten your core muscles so that your every movement goes efficiently. Now, you need to focus significantly on the machine and your poster because you do not want to slum forward or lean backward as you row.

  • Bending your knees and extending your arms.

 These two alternative movements go simultaneously, also called starting position or catch. First, you must pull the handle and keep your arms extended and out of your body.

This will also extend the code to you automatically. 

Then you have to bend your knees to get a closed position to the base of the machine. At this moment, your seat would automatically glide on the rowing machine. This might seem difficult to you at first, but don’t worry; it is an entirely unnatural pose to begin rowing

 Another essential thing regarding this position is to keep your arms straight and add them out right in front of you. Here your sins are not perpendicular to the floor, and you also need to take care of the sleet so that it won’t come close to the footplate. In the catch position, remember to engage your core muscles.

  • Going for the drive position

 It would help if you pushed off the footplate by engaging all your leg muscles. During your drives, all your major leg muscles will work. These muscles will help you push yourself back while keeping your arms straight and neutral at this position. We can say that when you are performing a drive, 60% of your leg muscles are engaged in the work of growing.

Always remember that in this position, extend yourself until you get your legs straight in front of you.

  • Pushing your upper body slightly backward

 It is also one of the most careful and critical steps. You don’t want to curve your spine while pushing your upper body slightly back. Be careful so your spine is straight and you engage your core correctly.

 As you are leaning backward, start pulling the cord with your arms. Here your core muscles will work approximately 20% while you are in your drive position. We hope you are learning how to use a rowing machine well.

  • As you are pulling the grip, bring your elbows back behind you.

 While growing, it is essential to follow all these steps to engage all the muscles properly. In this step, your arm motion will engage the entire upper body. When the handle is nearest to your rib cage, your elbows are behind your back but not at your sides. Add the stage you need to keep your body close and compact.

  • Extending your arms in front of you, the recovery stage

As you are heading towards recovery completion, extend your arms again in front of you. You need to reverse the drive performance here. In this position, ensure that your waste is straight and your grip on the handle is firm.

  • Forward movement at your waist while you are sitting straight again

 In this position, your legs will be extended fully, and your back will be straight simultaneously. Now slowly lean forward by curving your spine a little bit, and remember to hinge

forward upon your waist. Also, make sure to keep your back straight and firm. In this position, your thighs are close to your core muscles.

Now, You have to bend your knees and slide back on the seat. Here release all the tension in your leg muscles. And then again, turn back to the catch position.

 Here your first stroke is completed successfully. Always make sure to engage your muscles while you are working out on a rowing machine. Once you have completed your first stroke, you can directly go into the next stroke. After carefully reading this section, you must know how to use a rowing machine step by step.

How Long Should You Work Out On a Rowing Machine?

 Here comes the most crucial question that this article needs to address. It is necessary to know how much time you must spend on a rowing machine, whether a beginner or a professional.

 Since we know that workouts are measured by distance or speed and not time interval, it does not matter which fitness level you want to achieve with this exercise, but we suggest you go at your own pace. At the same time, achieve your targets or milestones on a rowing machine. Hurry, grab your water bottle and start working on your entire body muscles on our rowing machine.

100 meters. The first 100 miles are just for warming up your body part, particularly your main muscle group.

  • Don’t forget to focus on your stroke technique and go for the slower strokes in this.

50 meters. Now speed up a little and go for the fast strokes in these sprints. Achieve your 50 miles target by going as fast as you can

  • and also attaining a suitable form or imposture.

One Minute Break

 catch your breath, again and again, and maintain the posture while sitting on the rowing machine seat

  • 100 meters

 Again get into a slow rhythmic position and achieve your milestone of 100 meters again

  • 50 meters

 You are going great; remember to maintain girl technique and not give up on the speed.

And this time interval, try to hit the top stroke rate for this rowing workout.

2 Minutes Break

 Take a short break, drink a sip or A2 from your water bottle and gather up your consciousness and muscles for the exercise.

  • 200 meters slow

 Use your full power and energy and go for 200 miles in slow strokes.

4 Minutes Break

 You are almost there and achieved your house milestone.

Master your courage and energy because the following two intervals will be the toughest for you.

  • 300 meters

 Again maintain your slow rhythmic position and target 300 meters with slow strokes on the rowing seat.

  • 100 meters

 Engage your core and major leg muscles and go for the next 100 meters in fast strokes. You have got only a few more minutes.

  • 500 meters

 This is your final lap and your most prolonged rowing on your rowing machine. Just breathe out, release all your attention, and go for 500 meters.

Finally, you have achieved your milestone and completed a successful 15-minute rowing workout.

Indeed it is a reasonable interval for You as a beginner. 

Once you have completed your exercise, carefully stand up from the rowing machine and breathe for a few minutes. Now you can have your water and prepare yourself

for another workout series if you want.

Why is Rowing Exercise Considered the Best to Engage the Body Muscles?

 Whether you are a beginner or a professional gymnast and want to achieve a certain fitness level, rowing exercise is considered one of the best to engage all the muscles of your body.

If you are the one looking for an intense workout but at the same time, you don’t want to run on a treadmill or do some heavy lifting. A rowing machine for beginners Is one of the ideal machines and exercises.

A rowing machine provides high-intensity workouts with almost little to no impact. You do not need to run hours on the treadmill, do pull-ups or chin-ups, Jumping,

  • Heavy lifting and other regular exercises. By just maintaining a good technique, you can burn a considerable number of calories. While you are using a rowing machine, there are fewer chances of any injury, or if there are, the impacts are shallow.
  • Working out on a rowing machine will also help you increase your strength, and you can easily add endurance to your muscles.
  • With regular training, you will become more good on a rowing machine; adding it will add an extra lift and bump in your muscles.
  • Another excellent catch with a rowing machine is that you do not need to spend an hour to achieve your goal. Just 15 to 20 minutes will go well for you, and you can see excellent results. All you need to do is to put my conscious effort and technique into that. And how can we forget this important thing? Yes, it would help if you had a little motivation too.
  • There is also good news for those who do not want to step out of their home and go to the gym.
  • Buy a rowing machine for your home, and you can work out in your bedroom or TV lounge or whatever place you like in your home. Your home rowing machine can be personalized according to your exercise requirement.

 Hence, Rower for beginners  And pro fitness freaks is the best machine to tone your body, burn calories, and strengthen your muscles. Help


In a nutshell,  a rowing machine is ideal For beginners or four fitness freaks of every level. Working out on a rowing machine for just 15 to 20 minutes helps you with your targets. All you need to care about is the technique and body posture you maintain while on a drawing machine. 

With the proper technique and body posture, you will be able to target all the major muscle groups of your body and strengthen them accordingly. So, leave your couch without wasting a second and achieve your fitness targets with this remarkable machine.

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