Pelotons VS Rowing Machines (Side-by-Side Comparison)

Since I have been using and advising on cardio equipment for more than three decades, Hydrow and Peloton stand out as the best options available for rowing and indoor cycling, respectively. Both of them have seen substantial use from me both personally and as an instructor.

I also invested a lot of time reading genuine customer evaluations while conducting research for this article. In this article, we give a clear answer to the question of which is superior The Rowing Machine or The Peloton drawing on all of our research and experience.

Peloton vs Rower : The Winner

Although it was a very tight race, the Rowing Machine ultimately prevailed in the head-to-head contest between it and the Peloton. Both of these machines will give you a fantastic workout with dependable, fluid, and smooth functioning. The Hydrow, on the other hand, is a lighter and more mobile device. Additionally, it costs less and has a greater warranty.

The Hydrow is the machine for you if you want a full-body workout that works both your upper and lower body muscles. The Peloton, on the other hand, is a better choice if you enjoy cycling and prefer a more intense cardio workout.

Which Exercise Is More Effective: Cycling Or Rowing?

Both rowing and cycling are excellent cardiovascular exercises that have numerous advantages for physical and mental health. It’s vital to keep in mind that there are some variations in the techniques and muscles performed in each workout.

Steve Prefontaine Professional

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.

Steve Prefontainer

There is no clear winner when comparing the two types of exercise equipment: rowing machines and exercise bikes. This is so that it might rely on your physical objectives.

You can lose weight by using a rowing machine, which will offer you a full-body workout and significantly increase your heart rate. Rowing is not, however, something that fitness professionals advise using as your primary fat-burning workout. The reason for this is that compared to other types of exercise like cycling, rowing takes more technical competence. As a result, you won’t observe significant fat reduction unless you are practicing the practice with technical expertise.

For elevated interval training, it is also perfect. Additionally, biking is a much less technical kind of exercise than rowing. Cycling is, therefore, a superior alternative for losing weight. There are many types of rowing machines but only hydro rowers have a peloton.

However, the rower’s machine is a great choice if you want to tone, strengthen, and add some muscle at the same time. Your muscles will be worked by both forms of exercise, but cycling places more emphasis on the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. When riding a bike, your upper body is barely engaged.

Your muscle, deltoids, biceps, triceps, glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves will all be worked during a rowing machine workout.

Of course, the bike is a superior choice for you if your main goal is to improve your legs. However, if you want them to enhance your upper body, try a piece of rowing equipment.

Regarding calorie burn, there is little distinction between an indoor cycle and a rower. A 185-pound person will expend approximately 294 calories with 30 minutes of moderate activity, according to Harvard Health Publishing.

The bike will be a better alternative for you if you have knee issues or are healing from an injury.

The Benefits Of Cycling For Enhancing Fitness

Cycling has been a well-liked option for a while, especially since spin studios started to appear everywhere. It’s an enjoyable, thrilling, yet difficult approach to get your heart racing and your circulation going. Cycling has several major advantages, including:

  • Loss of weight (high-calorie burn)
  • improved cardiovascular health
  • adaptability and muscle strength
  • increased joint flexibility
  • reduced levels of stress
  • enhanced alignment and coordination
  • thicker bones

What To Anticipate When Rowing

On the other hand, rowing is a technological breakthrough in the fitness industry. People have been rowing on the water and indoors for years, but the attractiveness of this kind of exercise has skyrocketed in recent years. This is probably a result of domestic rowing’s benefits, which include:

  • the capacity to simultaneously work 86 percent of the body’s muscles
  • improved definition and strength of the muscles
  • improved cardiovascular stamina
  • Loss of weight (high-calorie burn)
  • thicker bones
  • increased joint flexibility

As you’ll see, both paradigms have a wealth of advantages, though there are a few details to keep in mind that set these two approaches apart. To begin with, cycling is mostly a lower-body workout that works your quadriceps, legs, calves, and ankles, with little to no upper-body activity (unless you incorporate dumbbells). In contrast, rowing utilizes 86 percent of your body’s muscles, including those in your core, lower body, and upper body.

Both designs are low-impact, making them naturally comfortable for practitioners of all muscular endurance, even those with damaged or impaired joints. But when compared to cycling, rowing offers the most thorough, all-around workout, injuries, and specific adjustments aside.

In a Nutshell

Those of you who may not have a chance to read the full comparison, need to get right to the point.

Although both the Peloton and the rower are excellent machines with fantastic subscription features, the rower wins out in a head-to-head comparison. It is less expensive, offers a better warranty, is not as big, and enables a more thorough full-body workout. Even though the rower membership offers a greater choice in terms of off-machine workouts, its interactive elements are not quite as stunning as those of the Peloton. Therefore, if you were to pick just one machine, you ought to pick the Hydrow rower.

When it comes to acquiring a top-of-the-line piece of fitness equipment for our homes, few of us can enjoy the luxury of buying both a rower and a bike. If you want the best workout outcomes and an involved, immersive training experience, the Peloton exercise bike or the Hydrow rowing machine are your two best options.

The Rowing Machine

Thanks to a huge 22-inch HD screen and a potent monitor, the Hydrow rowing machine offers live and on-demand fitness programs. This rowing machine, which is frequently referred to as the Peloton of rowing machines, is acknowledged as offering the most immersive experiences of any rower now on the market.

The Hydrow has dimensions of 86 inches long by 25 inches wide. The monitor includes stereo speakers, a 2-megapixel camera with an integrated microphone, a USB 2.0 port, and Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities. This rower has a unique appearance, with smooth, geometric shapes that give it a futuristic feel.

An electromagnetic machine called the rower offers a quiet, seamless workout. A very comfortable passage up and down the rail is made possible by the ten rollers under the seat. The 22-inch screen has a 25-degree tilt range on either side. This enables you to work out in a wide variety of non-rowing exercises while still having comprehensive guidance.

You must purchase a $38 recurring monthly subscription to take advantage of the interactive elements of the Hydrow rower. This gives you access to watch elite rowers from around the world compete in live on-water events. Additionally, you have access to over a thousand recorded programs, and more are being added each month.


The rower machines’ complete training environment is made to make you feel as though you’re on the water. When you row the Hydrow, your rowing teacher is right there with you, guiding the boat. This is the closest approximation you can get to the real thing.

  • This electronic, computer-controlled part of the device gives you the impression that you’re rowing on the water.
  • This device has a stunning, modern appearance that will look great in your home. It is classy and elegant while still giving you unsurpassed performance.
  • Connect your heart rate monitor and/or headphones if Bluetooth is available.
  • The 22″ touchscreen will help bring the river into your living room and make the entire experience straightforward to control with the touch of the screen. It also has front-facing speakers.
  • Each stroke is exceptionally smooth and practically silent thanks to the industrial-grade webbed straps on your feet.
  • With the integrated, superbly cushioned, ergonomic 10-roller system seat, you’ll feel supported for the duration of your workout. Additionally, the ergonomic handle allows for a low-stress grip.
  • Not enough room? If you’d like the option to store Hydrow, you can buy the upright storage kit for practical vertical storage. Hydrow comes with wheels for simple mobility.

The Peloton

Since 2014, the Peloton spin bike has been available for purchase. It has made a name for itself as the top-of-the-line strength training bike on the markets during the last eight years. The Peloton Bike+ is the most recent model. A larger 24-inch LCD monitor that swivels to enable excellent sight while performing floor workouts is the key change.

High-quality powder-coated carbon steel is used to construct the Peloton Bike+. It weighs 138 kg, which makes it tremendously heavy but also quite sturdy. The display has an integrated privacy slider and an 8-megapixel front-facing camera so you can talk with your friends while working out.

The flywheel on this spin bike weighs 17 kg (37.5 lb). That heavy-duty flywheel serves as the foundation for a remarkably smooth, dependable workout. There is a wide variety of intensity settings available, ranging from very light to highly heavy. A fancy interactive resistance controller is built inside the Peloton Bike, which automatically changes the resistance level as you work out.

Your monthly Peloton subscription will run you $40. You will have accessibility to more than a thousand workout classes on a variety of exercise platforms thanks to this. Additionally, there are about 10 live classes available each day.


Peloton rules the indoor cycling universe. But why is this device so unique? The entire apparatus is designed to provide you with an experience that motivates you to put out your best effort rather than just a workout.

  • Thanks to its all-black color and small size, this machine can be placed almost anyplace in your house without detracting from the aesthetics.
  • The screen, handlebar, and seat are all movable, allowing you to always feel safe, supported, and comfortable.
  • Similar to Hydrow, Peloton created their belt drive to be incredibly quiet when in use so that you may work out whenever you want.
  • Your aerobic system, headphones, and smartwatch can all be connected via Bluetooth.
  • 22″ touchscreen – Get close to your instructor and experience being in the spotlight during a live class while controlling your workout with a few straightforward screen commands.

Exercise Experience using Rower VS Peloton

The training experience is what distinguishes a machine, even though its features, technology, and design are unquestionably significant. Both Peloton and Hydrow provide fully immersive workouts that are intended to train every muscle in your body while challenging you to be the strongest version of yourself that you possibly can, both physically and emotionally.

What To Anticipate With Rower Exercises

Rower encourages you to use their full-body workout to challenge your body and relax your mind. They provide a variety of exercises, both on and off the rower. You can choose from rowing courses at rower that is meant to get your heart racing and your thighs burning to leisurely, introspective rows down the river. Additionally, they feature a vast selection of off classes that will put your body through fresh, new challenges.

Rowing experts instruct the classes

Elite athletes and subject-matter experts teach every rower lesson. They are genuine competitors who have a great deal of enthusiasm for their sport. You’ll experience the true connection that can only occur when you have access to knowledgeable guidance and leadership from folks who are prepared to be open and vulnerable when you’re out on the water rowing with them.

Exercise programs

Speaking of connections, another incredible advantage of Hydrow’s curriculum is that it makes you a member of a community of committed individuals who are working to achieve their objectives while receiving support and encouragement from thousands of others. It is genuinely motivating and will encourage you to be your best selves and uphold your commitment.

The following are some highlights from Hydrow’s programming

  • Live exercises that let you move in time with their professionals while they are on the water
  • Numerous options were available on demand. Every live row is recorded, giving you instant access to the whole library.
  • trips where you may go at your own pace and take your time exploring beautiful rivers.
  • For a well-rounded workout regimen, try yoga, pilates, and mat-based strength training.

What to anticipate during a Peloton workout

The leader in cycling and perhaps associated fitness is Peloton. Their programming is the secret ingredient that gives their brand success. They’re committed to inspiring you to enjoy exercising while pushing your boundaries and establishing a connection with a group of powerful, like-minded individuals traveling parallel paths.

Inspirational fitness teachers

Peloton employs motivational trainers with a variety of personalities and training methods so that users can choose the trainers with whom they most easily connect while also taking advantage of a wide range of athletes and the distinctive viewpoints and training methods that they bring to the table.

Connected fitness scene

Peloton similarly employs community as a rower to engage with users and maintain their motivation. The Peloton membership is one of the biggest workout communities on the planet. The brand claims it can increase membership to 100 million from the existing 3.1 million.

Peloton Workouts’ highlights include the following

  • Weekly in-person classes and live instructor call-outs.
  • a comprehensive on-demand library with courses that last between 5 and 60 minutes.
  • a broad selection of classes, from yoga and weight training to HIIT and cardio.
  • Motivating instructors who are there to encourage you along the way and push you to new physical limits.
  • Regular special material releases, with unique challenges and unusual themes

A side-by-side comparison

Let’s now examine the characteristics of these devices head-to-head.


Rowing machine

The rower has rounded corners and elegant lines, and it has a fashionable appearance. It certainly doesn’t resemble your typical rowing machine and has an appealing style that you wouldn’t typically find. Nevertheless, it has a strong, sturdy frame that guarantees that it will remain in place no matter how hard you are rowing.

This rower weighs only 145 lbs., which is relatively light considering its rigidity. The exterior of the motor unit is built of heavy-duty plastic and aluminum. However, this rower cannot be folded, thus it is not the most portable. It should ideally remain as a permanent piece of furniture in the area where you will be exercising.

The handle of the Hyrdow rower is connected to the control and transparency by a nylon cable rather than a chain. Because of this, the movement is significantly quieter and requires less maintenance than a chain-driven rowing machine would.


The Peloton spin bike has a striking appearance. As soon as you go on it, you can tell that it is just as reliable and powerful as it appears to be. It has a sturdy, durable frame made of superior-grade carbon steel that has been powder coated. Although it does include front transfer wheels, you should usually leave them in place instead of using them every time you work out.

To follow the off-the-cycle routines, you may swivel the enormous 24-inch touch screen on this bike to either side.



The rower’s touchscreen display monitor is a unique feature since it is bigger and more effective than any other rower machine monitor currently on the market. You receive a 22-inch full HD touchscreen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and front-facing twin 3W speakers. You can get the most out of the numerous interactive features included with your subscription thanks to this gear.

You may train with a cardiac strap monitor by using the Hydrow monitor, which is Bluetooth capable and resistant to sweat and dust. The monitor accurately displays your time, calories expended, strokes per minute, typical split time, and split over 500 meters, among other important training diagnostics.


More than 2.5 inches larger than the previous model, the Peloton Bike+ has a huge 23.8-inch screen. It has a 360-degree mount that attaches to the bike, allowing you to swivel it in any direction. Awesome images are produced by the 1920 x 1080 resolution, and the touchscreen also offers a live display of your training data.

Above the display is an 8MP front-facing camera that lets you record yourself or communicate with other students from across the world.

Exercise History


A special electromagnetic resistance mechanism and computer-controlled auto adjustment are both used by the rower. The end effect is an incredibly quiet and smooth rowing experience. Rowing offers one of the most accurate simulations of actual rowing on the water of any magnetic rowing machine. There isn’t any of the odd shakiness or return lag that magnetic rowers are frequently known for.

On the touchscreen, you can change the resistance level before you begin your workout. The resistance level will then be changed by the computer to match your rowing speed. With its ability to give a smooth, natural rowers motion, keep you firmly attached to the machine, and allow you to receive a full stroke movement, the Hydrow offers an overall very outstanding exercise.


The Peloton will make it possible to work out hard, steadily, and consistently. There is no longitudinal wave or other indication of instability, not even when you are pedaling at full tilt. The amazing 17 kilograms (37.5 lb) flywheel powers the resistance levels, which range from 0 to 100, and provides a very comfortable, natural pedaling sensation.

You have two options for changing the resistance: either use the nearby red knob to turn it up or down, or let the computerized resistance controller do it for you. Although some reviewers have observed that the elbows tend to sag after a few months of usage, the seat and wrists are comfortable. With the screwdriver set that accompanies your order, this is a simple fix.



Your investment will be $2245. Hydrow does, however, frequently conduct promotions off of their website. At the time of writing, they are giving away a free $90 machine mat in addition to a $200 discount.

The company also sells a variety of components, including a heart rate monitor and an upright storage kit. To fully utilize the Hydrow, these are helpful to have but not necessary.

You will be charged $38 each month for a subscription. When you buy a rower from Hydrow, no free trial subscription time is offered.


The retail price for the original Peloton Bike+ is $2495. For $1895, Peloton is also selling its vintage bicycle. For $150–200, you may purchase an essentials package that includes things like cycling shoes.

You must pay $39 per month to become a member of the Peloton app. Similar to Hydrow, there is no free membership offered with the purchase of Peloton.



offers a 6-year warranty on the rowing machine’s frame. Additionally, you receive two years of warranty for the implement, strapping, saddle components, and screen carriage. A two-year guarantee also covers the screen and other devices. You also receive 18 months of labor protection.


The frame of the Peloton Bike+ has a 5-year warranty. Additionally, the LCD monitor, parts, pedals, and labor are covered for one year.

Customer Satisfaction


Customers almost universally laud the Hydrow rower’s interaction and the rowing experience. On TrustPilot, it has a 4.5-star rating on average. The graphical prowess of the training options and the instructors’ involvement are recurring themes among critics. The crew providing customer service has also received a lot of appreciation.

The few criticisms center on the inability to pause or change the volume of videos. The Hydrow monitor’s incompatibility with the Apple Watch is another thing that many point out.


Additionally, Peloton consistently receives favorable online evaluations. People comment on the bike’s powerful performance, smooth ride, and rider comfort. This is due in part to the heavy-duty flywheel. The collaborative training, both in respect of their quantity and quality, is also highly praised.

The speakers being placed in the front rather than the top of the vehicle and the external wiring that hangs down from the back of the printer are the three primary concerns made online by taller users.

A few TV shows that showed people experiencing cardiac arrests after using the bike caused the Peloton biker to receive some bad press recently. The share price of the corporation has suffered as a result.


Does rowing outperform Peloton?

The Hydrow rower is the undisputed victor if you’re seeking the best total-body workout machine for your money. In contrast to Peloton, which primarily uses cycling to engage the lower body, Hydrow uses low-impact movements to work the entire body.

How quickly does a paddling machine take to start giving results?

In the first several weeks of beginning a regular rowing training regimen, you can start to see improvements, but after 90 days, you frequently see more dramatic changes. Rowing is a simple way to build your body while burning calories in the cardio department.

Please elaborate on what is the Movement Tracker feature?

A: By measuring your motions, such as bicep curls and squats, Movement Tracker enables you to stay up with Peloton instructors, keeping you inspired to complete your workout. Movement Tracker, which is featured in hundreds of strength classes and is only available through Peloton Guide, is powered by machine learning. Regular additions of new class kinds and movements are planned.

How can I turn on/off or put the Peloton Guide in sleep mode?

From the Home center console or the Quick Settings, select “Shut Down” to turn off or put to sleep your Peloton Guide. After 15 minutes of inactivity, the Peloton Guide will automatically switch to sleep mode.

Do Peloton bicycles require maintenance?

maintenance on your peloton. One of the most crucial pieces of maintenance advice for a Peloton is to keep it clean. You don’t want dust, grime, or even worse, sweat, to get into areas where it can cause harm.

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