20 Problems With Home Exercises & Solutions

Coronavirus has taught people how to exercise at home instead of going to the gym. Home workouts have become more popular these days. Because who likes to make an effort by driving to the gym and then doing heavy workouts as well? 

As people have started exercising at home, they just search on the internet for a certain exercise, watch a video, and start exercising without knowing about the problems with home exercises.

The most common problems with home exercises are not having enough time, not having enough space, having too many distractions, not knowing what to do, and doing exercises randomly.

Moreover, in this article, I’ll tell you about all of the other problems with your home exercise, along with their possible solutions. In order to learn everything in a good way, make sure you read this article through to the end.

Problems With Home Exercises:

It’s time to talk about all of the problems with home exercises that you guys don’t know about. But, you should be aware of them. I’ll also tell you about their possible solutions. Let’s dive in!

1) Starting without warming up and doing the exercises cold

The first problem that people have with their home exercise routine is that they don’t warm up before doing the exercises. That’s the worst thing that one can ever do while working out. You can’t just start working out immediately without doing any sort of workout.. 

You need to get your body ready for the workout you want to do, and you can only do that by warming up for at least 10 minutes

If you don’t warm up, then you may have injuries while exercising.  Also, you won’t be as motivated and active while working out without warming up, especially when you just woke up.

So, make sure you warm up for at least 10 minutes, regardless of how long or short your exercise is going to be.

2) Not Enough Time!

The biggest problem with home exercises is not having enough time. Exercise at home is difficult because of a lack of time. You want to exercise, but there is too much work coming up when you have to do it.

And when you finally go to work out, you get so tired that you can’t even do any activity for half an hour. That’s the biggest problem. 

In gym workouts, you’re in the gym, far from home, and with other people who are doing the same things as you. 

So, it’s way easier to do a workout at the gym than at home, as you’re just focused on the workout instead of home chores and all.

It’s said that working out for 60 to 90 minutes is cruel to get better results, which isn’t true. If you only have 20 or 30 minutes, I recommend exercising during that time. 

If you do the workout properly, then even that time is good enough for you to get a good physique, strong muscles, and good shape.

3) Not Having Enough Space

A lot of people live in apartments where they have limited space. Thus, they think that it’s impossible for them to work out without having a space. However,  It’s okay to have no space.

You don’t need to have a separate room for working out. You just need a set of dumbbells or knowledge of some daily routines and workouts, and you can perform them in your basement, bedroom, garage, or even living room. You just have to do a workout, man; don’t make it too big a deal.

4) Damn… Family Members!

So, now that it’s workout time, you’re heading towards your equipment, and all of a sudden, your wife shouts, “Hey hon, can you please help me fix this microwave oven? It’s not working properly.”

Oh, your workout routine is all messed up. You only had an hour to work out, which is now being squandered on fixing the freaking oven. 

Exercises at home are most often plagued by this problem. There are your kids, your father, and your mother around you who keep disturbing you, asking for different things that prevent you from keeping up with your workouts.

Thus, I highly suggest you plan your routine. Let your family know about your workout routine and tell them not to disturb you when you’re exercising.

Also, try to work out in a place where your family members don’t hang around. If you don’t have a separate room, then you better go to your garage, basement, or anywhere where you can comfortably work out without getting disturbed by your family members.

5) Too many Distractions!

Other than your kids and family members, there are too many other distractions at home as well such as;

  • Your Phone.
  • Television.
  • Emails.
  • Calls.
  • Sounds from Neighborhood.

And so on. All of these things keep you busy without letting you know that your workout time is passing. 

By the time you realize that you’ve been watching TV for hours and have missed your workout time as well, it’s already too late and you can’t do anything. 

Due to your constant exposure to these things, you keep missing your workout times over and over again.

Not before workouts but these things can disturb you during your workout sessions. If you have a favorite show, you’d rather watch it instead of work out.

So, the best thing that you have to do to get rid of these distractions is to stay away from them until you’re working out.

If there is a TV in the room where you do exercise, move it. Throw away your laptop, phone, or anything else that is close to you. They can’t be with you when you’re working out. You can check them later, once you’re done.

Again, it’s good to find a room or a place that is calm and free of these distractions.

6) Not Knowing What To do

When you do random exercises without knowing what they’re training you for or whether you’re doing them right or wrong, then you won’t get better results. You can’t just do any exercise that you know how to do. 

Let’s say you know how to do push-ups. That doesn’t mean you’ll do only this exercise. The exercise should be done according to your purpose.

This can be done by joining any online workout plan you choose. If you want to build abs, then join any online abs-building workout plan. You will know what exercises to do when, and how to achieve the best results, by following these plans.

You can either use premium workout plans or free ones available on YouTube.

7) You’re Exhausted

Oh, you’ve had a tight schedule today. It’s your workout time but your tiredness is telling you to skip a day.  It happens to all of us, mate. But sticking to a workout routine is crucial. 

If you feel tired and not motivated to exercise, simply drink some espresso or black coffee, which will wake you up and give you the energy to work out. 

But if you have a goal that you have to achieve before the deadline, then never ever skip your workout.

8) You Don’t Have Heavy Machinery!

The other problem with home exercise is not having heavy gym equipment. But it’s really okay.  You can do your workouts with equipment as well. You might be surprised to learn that you can achieve similar results using bodyweight exercises and free weights.

Furthermore, your chance of injury decreases dramatically once you leave heavy equipment. Barbell squats can be substituted with box step-ups, Bulgarian split squats, or kettlebell jump squats to target your glutes and quadriceps.

A flat barbell bench press can be substituted with pushups or dumbbell presses, if not better. You can search online for countless exercises based on your workout routine. It doesn’t require any equipment.

9) Trusting any Influencers

What most people who work out at home do is trust anyone who suggests they eat weight-loss or weight-gain pills. 

Man, people on Instagram, especially the influencers, have no knowledge about medicines and workouts. For them, the only thing that matters is the money they make.

So, never trust them unless they’re from a field. I’d suggest, if they’re from a field, doing your own research about the product and then deciding whether or not you should be using it.

10) You Don’t Stay Hydrated

Many people don’t stay hydrated when they’re working out. According to them, taking a sip of water while working out actually messes up the workout. 

That’s not true, mate. Being hydrated while working out is important as it improves your metabolism, which helps you get better results from any type of workout you’re doing. So, make sure you stay hydrated while working out.

11) Repeating the same exercise over and over again

Since people don’t have a personal trainer at home, they keep repeating the same exercise over and over again. This isn’t good for your body at all. You need to challenge your body with high-intensity workouts so that you can get faster results. 

I know that some people enjoy doing certain exercises, so they tend to do them over and over again. That’s completely fine. Also, enjoying yourself while working out allows you to achieve better results. 

However, overdoing one exercise on repeat isn’t good for your body either. If you do this, your body will not be challenged, and you won’t achieve the results you want. 

Not only that, doing one exercise, whether it’s jogging, lifting weights, or any other exercise can cause stiffness in your body as well. So, make sure you’re experimenting with new exercises. 

12) Trying to have the same number of reps

If you do the same exercise over and over again, your body gets used to it and loses its effectiveness.

Thus, you don’t get very good results. Because it’s crucial for any exercise to put pressure on your body in order to shape it or make it stronger. 

And that pressure goes away when you do one type of exercise in your comfort zone. So, when you’re used to doing 15 reps every day and you can easily complete them, then try to do 20 reps from that onwards. 

13) Not resting 

Resting is important for you when you’re following any workout routine. Usually, people working at home overlook this thing. Resting recovers your body and prepares it for working out better again.

So, make sure you take a rest from your workout at least one day a week. This way, the exercise won’t make you feel too tired.

14) Ignoring whether the form is correct

You must take the initiative to correct your form, as no one else is going to do it for you as they do in guided lessons at the gym. 

Because you can’t rely on what you see on a computer screen, I suggest performing the exercise whenever feasible in front of a mirror. The fact that you might miss one or two repetitions doesn’t matter; what matters is that you’re avoiding potential harm.

15) Quitting an exercise because it becomes too difficult

When an exercise becomes too difficult, people just give up. That’s not a good idea. You should try to do the difficult exercise again, and if you can’t do it completely, do half of it. 

You’ll do it properly one day without having any issues. Just give your body some time to get used to the exercise.

However, if the exercise is too difficult for you and you think you can’t ever do this, then don’t give up exercising. Instead, find another easy exercise that trains the same muscle or does the same work. That’s the right solution to this issue.

16) Taking an unsupervised class if you’re injured

There are many online classes on YouTube and other social media that are very good for you.  However, since the trainers aren’t with you and can’t see your health condition, they can’t suggest whether or not you should be taking this class.

As a result, you must ensure that if you have any health issues or diseases, such as back pain or pregnancy, you should only attend classes designed specifically for people like you. Don’t join any random class and start following it.

17) Paying attention to the scale

Don’t use the scale or weigh yourself. It is completely useless. The risk of gaining weight is even greater if you aren’t accustomed to exercising frequently. 

According to experts, muscle weighs more than fat, so don’t pay too much attention to the statistics. Observe the motion without thinking about anything else.

18) Focus ON the Right form

Trainers can correct your form at gyms, and mirrors provide a convenient way to monitor your technique and posture.

A lack of mirrors makes it difficult to monitor your form when working out at home, which can quickly lead to bad habits and injuries.

Before starting a home workout regimen, make sure you research the best form and technique for all the motions you’ll be doing, and pay attention to your form as you exercise. You can pull a muscle that lasts a lifetime with just a second of distraction.

19) Working above or below your abilities

In order to determine your upper and lower bounds, you must measure your strength. I recommend buying a heart rate monitor to ensure the exercise is successful. 

Choose a heart rate that is suitable for your age and health, and then strive to exercise within that range.

20) Thinking that sweating means you’ll lose weight

What most people do, especially those who want to lose weight is wearing too much clothing and then working out so that they can sweat more. It is actually a sign of weight loss that you sweat more.

However, there is nothing like that. Nothing could be more false than it is. Exercise shouldn’t be done while wearing too many layers of clothes or in an environment that is too hot since you sweat when you are thirsty.

These are the problems with home exercises. Lastly, let’s address a few frequently asked questions you may have.


What are the disadvantages of home exercise equipment?

You don’t have anyone to guide you, no heavy machinery, not even space, and not even a good environment to work out in. Also, there are too many distractions around your home that keep you from working out.

Is it difficult to work out at home?

Firstly, you don’t have any trainers who can guide you, and there is usually too much noise at home that distracts you from working out.

How effective are home workouts today?

By training with body weight or resistance at home, you can still maintain strength, quality of movement, cardiovascular capacity, and skill acquisition just as effectively as at the gym.

Final Words

What are the problems with home exercise? There are many problems with home exercises, such as not having a trainer, not having enough space, using heavy machinery, and many others that I’ve mentioned above.

Still, if you have any questions related to this topic, please let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to help you out.

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