Stamina Airgometer – Exercise Bike 300 lb Capacity

Cycling helps a lot in improving our cardiovascular fitness and it plays a critical role in strengthening your whole body, which includes the chest, hips, legs, thighs, and other parts. But due to a busy schedule, if exercising or cycling outdoors is not possible for you then there is another option for you to do effective exercise. A Stamina Airgometer exercise bike is the most preferable option in this case

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Stamina Airgometer


  • Item Weight: 82 pounds
  • Resistance: Air
  • Max Weight: 300 pounds
  • Max height: 50 inches
  • Resistance Level: 22
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Color: Black
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Stamina Airgometer is a very smooth exercise bike. It does not make noise and at the same time, it is very reliable to help the user perform intense workouts. You need to know that the Stamina Airgometer exercise bike is very comfortable and simple to use. It is equipped with a wide and comfortable cushioned seat. The pedals are also weighted and textured, and the machine also has padded handlebars

The handlebars operate the Stamina Airgometer with the movement of your legs. This simply means that while getting your upper body toned you are building your heart and lung strength also. This exercising machine, the Stamina Airgometer exercise bike provides the exercising body with increased resistance. The resistance increases while you pedal harder. Hence in this way you are provided with a greater chance to keep yourself fit

Some Features Of This Bike Include

Frame And Construction

Stamina Airgometer is built by using an oval tube made up of steel, the function is to hold it properly while a person is exercising at various intensities. So this simply means that when everything is properly tightened up then there is no chance of wobbling and flexing the machine. With any machine which is used for doing exercise, it is very important that every part is properly locked in place and this is done to prevent any kind of injury or damage.

Stamina Airgometer

 Well, when it comes to this machine then you need to know that some bolts become loose more often than they should and that is why people are supposed to make them tight after some time. But no need to worry too much because this thing is not faced by many people and it is encountered by a few people only. And this can be easily solved by making the use of a Loctite.

There is another thing in this bike, that if you want it to be leveled on the uneven surfaces then for that the exercising body is supposed to turn the caps. Caps are located at the end of the rear stabilizer bar. This is done to prevent the machine from rocking side to side. When the bike is manufactured, there is a warranty of three years for the frame.


The fan wheel at the front of the bike is responsible for generating the resistance. As we know that this machine works on the phenomena of air resistance so this means that the faster the pedal the more resistance is generated. Other than this there is no way to increase or decrease the resistance of the bike.

You can also get other bikes that would provide you with an adjustable level of resistance but you need to know that these machines are only for having a moderate level of training than an Airgometer. When it comes to blowing air then the fan installed in the bike blows a gentle air which is more similar to a cool breeze and it feels very nice because it is not noisy at all.

The fan is made up of plastic blades and not steel blades and that is why they are quieter. Moreover, the fan blades are very long-lasting and durable and can be used for a longer time.


the pedals of the Stamina Airgometer are oversized and for riding them you only need normal shoes used by athletes. To prove a good grip on your shoes and also to avoid the chance of slipping off from the pedal, the surface of the pedals is non-slip. Moreover, you have to keep in mind that the pedals of this machine have no strap which would help you to keep your feet in place.

You need to know that the fan wheel, handlebars, and pedals move in relation with one another and the main reason behind that is that they are all connected. This means that this exercise machine can give you a full-body workout because the pedals and handlebars are moving simultaneously. In case you are in the mood to work out with your arms only then in that case all you have to do is put your feet on the footrest which is present at the front of the bike.

You can say that they are also somewhat similar to the footrest because they provide you with a good grip like pedals do so that you can avoid slipping while exercising with your arms only. If you want to exercise with your feet then you can make your arms rest at the side or you can put them on the handlebars easily.


The best part about this machine is that it is manufactured with an adjustable seat which can be moved up and down so that the user can adjust his height while exercising. This bike has ten levels of height and if you want to adjust the seat then make it lose and just pull the adjustment knob so that you can release the pin.

Stamina Airgometer

After that, you are supposed to lower the seat and then insert the pin in the holes that are already present in the bike. After you are done, tighten the knob properly to secure it. It is a very easy process and the bike can be used by many people having heights between 5ft and 6ft. But you need to know that this seat can not be adjusted horizontally. This is why most of the time you would feel a bit too stretched or cramped

The Drive

The Stamina Airgometer exercise bike has a chain drive and this simply means that it functions similar to a road bike. You need to know that the bike will often need some maintenance, tightening, and lubrication. For avoiding damage, dirt, and sweat this chain drive is enclosed so that it can be protected. Moreover, it also protects your clothes, feet, and fingers from getting caught inside.


  • The machine has a basic console that monitors workout
  • The assembly and use of the bike are very easy
  • It has a non-slip footrest which helps to prevent slipping while the user is doing upper body exercise 
  • Can be sued by people of all ages
  • The machine allows to work out both upper and lower body


  • It does not provide any support for placing mobile phones or tablet
  • The bike lacks a strap on the pedals to keep feet in place
  • The seat is uncomfortable and you cannot replace it easily

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