4 Types of Rowing Machines (Benefits & Mental Health)

A rowing press is a device that duplicates the activity of rowing on a motorboat for the objective of a workout or education. Various magnifications (abbreviated erg or ergo) are contemporary indoor rowers that track how much work they put in. Indoor rowing has grown in popularity, attracting athletes from all around the world. A participant in this activity is often known as an “inside rower.”

Rowing is one of the most effective workouts for improving aerobic fitness. Rowing equipment and pedaling wide variance allow people to not only enhance their heart and lungs but also make significant demands on their muscular system!

A rowing machine, unlike treadmills, exercise cycles, and ladder safety harnesses, works both your upper and lower body. From using an internal rower, the rowing stroke consists of 65-75 percent leg labor and 25-35 percent shoulders and arms work.

Other advantages of indoor rowing include obtaining a full-body aerobic workout with just one machine and having less impact than other aerobic workouts. Every minute you start moving when jogging outside or on a treadmill, you are inflicting orthopedic harm on your body.

What types of rowing machines are available?

When it comes to selecting the best rowing equipment for you, you have several options. There are four types of indoor rowing equipment.

  • Air
  • Magnetic
  • Water / Fluid
  • Hydraulic

Many people now consider hydraulic equipment to be outdated and wasteful of money; see our thoughts on them here.

Floor Type?

If the equipment will be placed on a floor, a mat will be required to prevent pressure and anxiety. If you’re aiming for one of the larger, stronger models, make sure your floor can handle the weight. This should not be a problem for most people, but if you have any questions, have a surveyor look it over because it might be a costly mistake!

Although rowing machines should not generate noises during limited exercises, if the equipment is placed on wood or carpet, the floor may be damaged. Sweat stains and damages are possible if the machine moves or is adjusted improperly during a hard practice. A floor mat is needed to protect the floor.

An indoor rowing floor mat not only saves the floor beneath the equipment from these problems, but also aids in machine control, security, and noise control.

1- Air Rowing Machines

An air-driven rowing machine is the most prominent and prevalent form of rowing machine. By blowing hot air through a flywheel, these devices produce resistance. In other words, the stronger you pull, the quicker the fans spin and the more friction you’ll encounter.

Our Pick

Air Rowing Machines


  • Model Name: ATS
  • Resistance: Air
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Max Weight: 250 Pounds
  • No of Batteries: 2 AA
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Color: Black

Air rowing machines provide a smooth, powerful paddling movement that is ideal for a variety of exercises. They are also available in a wide range of pricing points, making them ideal for anybody wishing to purchase a home treadmill. The spinning spins faster as the user rows faster, requiring more “air” to be moved. The more air particles there are, the more drag/resistance there is, requiring more power to move!

Air rowing machines produce resistance with a flywheel that swings inside a cage. Although you should use at least a low setting to get an adequate workout since the flywheel speed and damper setting both determine your power output, unless you want to kill your muscles. Most machines on the market are air-resistance machines, which are extremely noisy and can be difficult to use in some houses. By adding more air, you can increase resistance, or by closing it, decrease resistance.

One of the most significant advantages is that air rowers closely resemble the resistance experienced when swimming on the water. This makes them extremely popular among fitness enthusiasts and excellent for training.

A damper adjustment is also available on certain air rowing machines. The stopper adjustment determines how much air is allowed to enter the spin. This airflow control will aid in minimizing the usage of drag on the rotor.

u003cstrongu003eWhat is the Mechanism of Air Resistance?u003c/strongu003e

u003cbr/u003eWind flows over an integrated flywheel creating resistance in air u003ca href=u0022https://voidbike.com/rowing-machine-every-day-for-a-month/u0022u003erowing machinesu003c/au003e. The wheel is attached to the pulling lever by a chain, which spins the flywheel as you pull. The stronger the resistance, the quicker the flywheel swings through the air as you row.

To modify the sensation of the stroke, cheaper alternatives use supplementary absorbers to customize the air movement.

  • Water Rowing is replicated with a wide variety of resistance.
  • Resistance adapts automatically to your aerobic conditioning.
  • Action is continuous.
  • The system shows little wear & tear.
  • Produces noise

Most serious rowers use this machine for off-season training since it more accurately mimics the movement of rowing on water. Many rowing machines incorporate both air and electromagnetic resistance, allowing you to experience the perfect combination.

2- Magnetic Resistance Indoor Rowers

Magnetic rowing machines produce very little sound, which is one of the most noticeable features. Magnetic resistance rowing machines (such as the gyroscope or Water Rowers) create no friction, resulting in a quiet workout. Magnetic resistance fitness rowing machines can be used alone or in combination with air resistance.

Our Pick

Magnetic Resistance Indoor Rowers


  • Model Name: SF-RW5801
  • Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Max Weight: 285 Pounds
  • No of Batteries: 2 AAA (Included)
  • Color: Gray

Magnetic rowing machines were among the most prominent examples of rowing machines, particularly for home-usage. They are the quietest of all available varieties due to the resistance mechanism, and they are more lightweight than water paddlers and air rowing types of equipment.

A rowing machine must oppose your attempts to expand the paddle and bench to give good exercise to your muscles and bloodstream. The more resistance you use, the harder you’ll have to exercise because the more difficult the workout will be.

The restriction is provided by two powerful magnets traveling past each other, thus there is no friction. This means the intensity is not only silent but also consistent all across the practice. These devices may also be rather affordable, with some budget variants starting at about $100.

In contrast to the air rower, the total resistance is unaffected by how hard or quickly you row. One of the key advantages of electromagnetic rowers is that you will have a lot more alternatives when it comes to the type of training you want to do.

u003cstrongu003eWhat is the Mechanism of Magnetic Rowers?u003c/strongu003e

u003cbr/u003eThe spacing with both strong magnetic fields and a spinning flywheel linked to the handlebar by a cable is varied in these devices. Magnetic racers provide a flawless rowing movement and, as previously said, are completely silent.

  • The operation seems to be quite.
  • Various levels of resistivity.
  • Air or water rowers are probably shorter.
  • Little upkeep is essential.
  • They do not represent cycling on water.

3- Water Rowing Machines

Water rowers are a modern invention in rowing apparatus innovation that provide resistance using water and paddles. While many elite rowers favor air rowers, many individuals prefer water machines because they are quieter and smoother.

Our Pick

Water Rowing Machines


  • Model Name: SF-RW5713
  • Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness
  • Resistance: Water
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Max Weight: 300 Pounds
  • No of Batteries: 2 AA (Included)
  • Color: Black

By developing protection to the sliding seat action, rowing machines engage your thighs and shed pounds. The more resistance you use, the harder you’ll have to exercise and the more difficult the practice will be.

They provide all of the fantastic upper and lower-body advantages that other types of rowing machines provide. Water rowers, on the other hand, have benefits that other types of rowing do not. To begin with, water machines are much quieter.

The Water rower’s resistance comes from its one-of-a-kind water tank feature. To raise or reduce resistance, no manual adjustments are required; it perfectly reacts to the user’s activity and intensity supply.

The rowing machine has a very comfortable seat. The seat slides softly on the rails according to your pedaling stroke during your workout. Eight pro-government polyurethane rollers placed on ball bearings assure flawless rail rolling. The ergonomically padded seat provides additional comfort while usage.

u003cstrongu003eHow Do Waterproof Machines Operate?u003c/strongu003e

u003cbr/u003eA liquid flywheel (mallets) in a puddle of water is attached to a cable and handled by water rowers. The paddles rotate in the water whenever you withdraw on the handle. The bulk of rushing water acts as a drag on the paddles, causing resistance. The stronger the resistance on an inflatable ergometer, the quicker you row.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eWater rowers’ users remark that the movement is gentler and more accurately resembles rowing on water, with consistent resistance throughout the stroke. Water rowers, unlike certain air rowers, may not have a ‘small bump’ where the resistance decreases during the acceleration phase.

  • Operating peacefully.
  • Stroke per stroke, smooth, steady resistance.
  • The ‘wooshing sound’ of liquid in the sample is enjoyed by many.
  • little maintenance needed.
  • Greater footprint than other.
  • Prices begin at a greater level.

4- Hydraulic Rowing Machine

Hydraulic piston rowers offer resistance by using hydraulic pistons. Although hydraulic piston resistance rowers’ difficulty may be readily modified by twisting a screw, most hydrodynamic rowers are designed to give you an arm exercise instead of just a comprehensive activity.

Our Pick

Hydraulic Rowing Machine


  • Model Name: BodyTrac Glider 1050
  • Brand: Stamina
  • Resistance: Hydraulic
  • Material: Aluminum, Carbon Steel
  • Max Weight: 250 Pounds
  • No of Batteries: 1 AA (Included)
  • Color: Silver, Black

This is because most piston-resistance rowers have compact handles due to the reduced joint movement and stationary handlebars. As a result, they produce a less natural stroke.

The majority of persons who use hydrodynamic rowers do so for the extremely mild motion rather than actual exercise, either as part of physical rehabilitation or as part of a later-life “keep-fit” program. If this describes you, a hydraulic machine could be right for you. Otherwise, you’re more than likely to be dissatisfied, if not wounded. Hydraulic devices are ineffective for true exercises.

The Hydraulic rowing machine amazed me straight away. Everything about it worked, aside from the upmarket, gorgeous design. The strokes were pleasant, the footbeds were adjustable, and the backrest bar was sufficient to allow for a series of movements without hitting the stoppers. The only issue I found with the construction of this residential elliptical machine is that the handlebar is positioned a bit too far back, and I could only reach it with a good stretch, but because we all have various arm lengths, it’s difficult to deduct points for that.

  • Affordable as compared to other
  • Best for muscle problems
  • High storage space
  • Compact and easy to store due to its small pieces.
  • Low quality as compared to other.
  • Bad choice for tall and healthy users.
  • Only beneficial for starting users.

If you want a machine to fit and store in a small area, then this machine is the best option for you. You can fold the parts of the machine whenever you want.

Benefits of A Rowing Machine

Rowing classrooms have sprung up all over the country in recent years, many gyms now offer group lessons, and home rowing machines have become increasingly popular. It’s no wonder because the greatest rowing machines provide an infinitely adaptive and effective exercise for adults of all backgrounds and fitness levels.

Rowing machines work a variety of muscles; these pieces of equipment will test your arms, core, legs, and more. They’re also low-impact, which is beneficial if you already have joint problems.

Here are all of the rowing machine’s entire benefits, as shown by specialists and studies.

Time Saving

Rowing is a time-efficient workout since it engages so many muscles and consumes so many calories. Of the first few strokes, you’ll feel the strain. When you’re just starting, a meaningful training session can be completed possibly in as short as 15 or 20 minutes.

“For your initial workout, just paddle for a few minutes,” Fuhrmann said, “increasing extra time over a few sessions.” Because this is comprehensive training, you may feel the effects sooner than you think. Working your way up will have you running greater distances and completing relatively high exercises in no time!

It’s Beneficial To Your Bone Health

Although rowing is low-impact, exercise can nevertheless help you maintain bone strength (essential for staving off osteoporosis).

Bone permeability and articular pressure indicators were studied in 60 rowers, merge runners, swimmers, and immobile adults in the research reported in the Rheumatology and Cartilage journal. It was discovered that rowing provided the perfect combination: considerable bone-building advantages without the cartilage stress caused by running.

It’s Suitable For People Of All Fitness Levels

“Rowing is for everyone,” Fuhrmann remarked. “It’s safe for almost everyone, and it adapts to your fitness level, so Olympians and beginners can row alongside one other, both having a terrific exercise and having fun.”

Most rowing machines allow you to change the difficulty level, making it ideal for seniors. It’s also a terrific method to keep muscle, bone density, and suppleness into old age.

Various Sports Benefit From Cross-training

There have long been health benefits associated with cross-training. Cross-training, according to a review online in the annals Sports Medicine, might be advantageous for the regular populace in terms of overall performance, as well as in recuperation and when recovering from strength training or cognitive exhaustion.

You can select a rowing machine training that suits your discipline. Improve speed through sprints; increase endurance through long, low-intensity sessions; and improve overall fitness through a variety of routines.

It Increases Your Mental Activity

It is beneficial to your mental health, as rowing machine fans will tell you.

“The relaxing rhythm of the stride is one of the most astonishing effects of rowing,” Fuhrmann remarked. “The stroke becomes peaceful, therapeutic, and wonderful if you row at a slower, slower speed. A slow, Zen-like row can provide the same mental advantages as a leisure walk.”

It Can Help You Strengthen Your Grip

Every stroke improves flexibility in your wrists and hands simply by grasping the handle and pulling. According to a paper published in the journal Comprehensive Therapies in Gerontology, grip strength is linked to strengthening, upper-extremity performance, bone mass, the chance of falling, and adequate nutrition in older persons.

Fuhrmann emphasized that now is not the time to grip the handle strongly, as proper rowing technique requires a gentle grip. “I don’t want folks to death-grip the handle!”

It’s Low-key

Rowing is the best low-impact exercise. Because rowing involves neither running nor leaping, it does not cause pain in your joints.

It is, nevertheless, hard, unlike many low-impact kinds of exercise. “Rowing is fantastic since it can help you manage so many different aspects of fitness,” Fuhrmann explained. On just one piece of equipment, for example, you may improve your power, strength, speed, endurance, and accuracy.”

Prevent Cognitive Decline

Four phases are involved in rowing a single stroke. Beginners may need some time to learn proper rowing techniques. Owing to the difficulty of the workout, rowing machines have additional benefits.

Researchers from the Brain Injury Research Center in Los Angeles, California have proven that exercises can enhance cognitive abilities. Observation, imagination, learning, communication, and other cognitive capacities are among them.

Aerobic exercise, such as rowing, improves central nervous system function, improving a person’s ability to process information.

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