5 Best Colors for Exercise Room | Finding Best for You

An exercise room is not only one with some machines and exercise equipment.  But you need to design it in such a way that it always invites you and motivates you for your workouts. In this case, the color of your exercise room has great importance. 

Now you must be wondering what is the best color for an exercise room? There are different color options that you can get accordingly. For example, we suggest you white color for an optimal and minimal environment. It is also one of the most appropriate if you are looking for a peaceful environment. Red for the ultimate level of motivation, and the bright blue color is the best for energy. The green color gives you the necessary level of tranquility and calmness.

Are you interested to find some more details about these beautiful and highly admiring colors?  If yes, then stay tuned till the last line of this article.  Surely in the end you will be able to decide the best color for your exercise room.  Let’s get into the details without any delay


Color for Exercise Room

No matter if you are a professional trainer or just getting yourself out of your bed and doing some quick workouts,  there is a dire need to work on a proper schedule. For that purpose, if you are going to design a home gym, then we are here to help you out with some essential aspects. People are always confused about the color combinations they need in their exercise rooms.

Here are the best color options for you as per your preferences.

Red: Motivation

According to some researchers in psychology primarily color psychology it has been confirmed that red color is the most motivating color. If you are a person who feels lazy whenever it is time to work out then your bright red-colored exercise room is always inviting you. It will motivate you, and you can stick in there even for a longer time for your workout sessions.

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Surely, there are options if you do not go with the bright red color as there are many different shades of red.  You can go with lighter tones if it is too harsh for your eyes.  We suggest you go in light and dark combinations.  However, you can also combine two different colors and go in a striping pattern on your walls. You can also target only one wall of your room with this specific color.

Bright Blue: Energy

Similar to the red color, the right blue color is also very cheerful and gives you energy during your workout.  This vibrant blue color link enhances your passion and gives you an energizing space.  Coloring your exercise room with this blue color is somehow strategic because it is also a very cool and positive color. 

 During your workout, our main goal is to have a great focus on your exercises.  And that can be achieved with this blue color.  Definitely, we are not suggesting you color your entire room with a neon blue color, but there are some options available. For instance, you can get your feature wall painted with blue color and the rest of the walls with a fairly neutral tone.

We insure you that this blue color is very energizing and has remarkable stimulating properties which will help you burn calories in a more effective way in your home gym.

Green: Tranquility and Peace

Now let’s move toward another opposite spectrum. If you are more concerned and looking forward to a peaceful and calm environment, then the green color is the best you can go for.  Mainly this color is available for yoga rooms and for meditation.

 As you can see, it surely depends on you which green shade you choose for yourself. You can either distribute the green color from ceiling to floor or paint your feature wall with this specific color. Both will give you a feeling of calmness and tranquility. This color will help you achieve your goals effectively, and this room will give you a power-lifting feeling.

White: Optimal and Minimalist

Here comes the most simple yet interesting color, which will not give you any disappointment at all.  We assure you that with this color, you will not go wrong in any way. But if you have an entirely different configuration of your gym room which is airy, vibrating, and inviting then there might be some problems hitting you.

White color is perfect for enhancing minimalism and gives you very peaceful and optimistic vibes. You can keep the overall theme white with some mild combinations of other colors, depending upon your choice.  All walls are painted with white color and some motivating and inspiring figures drawn on the walls can be one of the most satisfying options for your home gym. Hence we can say that it is almost impossible to go wrong with this. 

Orange: Power

Last but not least, here is one of the colors which is the favorite of most people out there. You have probably seen many outdoor gyms.  Their walls are orange in color. However, the shades differ accordingly.

 You might be wondering how orange is a representation of power and energy. Well, orange is also an energizing color, and it is somehow a replication of the color of the sun. This is best if you are a powerlifter or do some other extreme physical activities.

 If you are a professional bodybuilder and you are designing your exercise room in your home,  we can suggest this orange color. It is bold and bright and gives you very good feelings during your workouts.  You can keep yourself motivated, and this color will always attract you to yourself 

The beauty of this color is easily increased when sunlight falls on it, so if your exercise room location is somewhere similar to that. It will give you more power and motivation to perform your exercises well.

Final statement

On the whole, what is the best color for an exercise room? We can say that orange, red, and bright blue colors are best for motivation and energy stimulation. However, if you are looking for a subtle and peaceful environment, then white and green colors can be the perfect options for you.

Hence it is up to you to choose the color which is according to your personal liking and temperament.  You can also decide it your goals in your fitness and exercises.

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